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What was that?

A topic of conversation arose yesterday between myself and a fellow investigator on the team. “Do you ever have the feeling that someone or something is watching you?” It’s a question that I’m certain to say everyone interested in the paranormal has experienced. Even now I can’t walk up the stairs in the dark without […]

Are Psychics real?

Dowsing Rods were not the only new tool in our arsenal on the investigation through the Old Utah County Jail. This tool (I hope it’s okay to use the term tool) was not something you could hold or set down and review at a later date. It was in the form of a lady named […]

The Old County Jail. The Day After.

The clock was ticking down. The group had arrived in its final area for the night. What we can only hazard to guess, was that the room we were in was likely the daycare for staff or visiting families. In my hands were the pair of newly purchased dowsing rods. It was a simple test, […]