Craigslist is a wonderful thing! For those of you interested in joining us on an investigation, the one thing we recommend is that you own your own digital recorder. Wendy, who is currently in the process of becoming an official investigator with us just scored a real good deal on one. Thanks to Craigslist of course!
A digital recorder is a must. We have several uses for it and has been the most fruit baring piece of equipment for validating a host of activity from bangs, to voices and even confirming responses or interaction spirits have with Tracey the Medium we’ve been experimenting with. Even if you’re a skeptic of mediums, the other proof has become a great foundation for our team. Jared, one of our lead investigators has by far the most trained ear. I laugh as I type as I often give him a hard time when reviewing his evidence. He will show me a very good clear EVP but I will say “sorry man I cant hear it!” Eventually I will give in and let it be known that I heard it all along, but I believe it’s this camaraderie that we have as a team that makes us very unique. We question everything and by doing so we get to then question ourselves which in turn either discredits our findings or validates the capture to such a degree that we can then submit it as proof.


Now what is an EVP?
Well if you’ve ever watched an episode of Ghost Hunters I’m sure you know because they introduce it on every episode. Now it’s to such a degree as I find myself shouting at the TV saying “I know it already, just play the bloody clip!” But for those of you that are new to what EVP is, it stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Simply put, it is a voice or sound that is unexplained that most often was not heard at the time of recording. There are the odd times when I have heard voices or footsteps in an investigation that have been confirmed by my recorder, however most of my EVPs I have captured have left me excited when listening back to them as I had no clue at that time that something or someone was with me.


How do we capture EVPs?
We capture them obviously with our recorders either with a digital or cassette. But it is the way in which we capture them that makes it very interesting. Most of the time are lead investigators will have three Recorders each.
One is planted.
This recorder is planted in a room with suspected high activity or in a place that has been reported to have sightings or noise. (In the old county Jail i had left one in a cell that was reportedly full of spirits according to our Psychic)
One is left running non stop.
This recorder stays with us and will roll for the entire investigation. Over the last few investigations I have noticed this to be the most active, as spirits seem to talk when we are in normal conversation with one another.
The last is used for EVP sessions.
This recorder is synced with other recorders before we conduct an EVP session. An EVP session consists of series of questions directed to the spirits or entities. Questions such as: “Is there someone with us?” “Are you alone?” and “What is your name?” So far I have personally and little success with these sessions but other members have found them to be very rewarding. It is also one of the biggest parts of any investigation that we do.


Some groups post very little of their EVPs, why this is, I do not know. Some members of our team wonder if they just don’t capture anything but I find it very hard to believe as we have had some remarkable captures in very few locations. Personally, EVP was a big reason I got more into paranormal investigating and what helped turn a hobby into what it is today.
I was in Asylum 49 in Tooele (I will write a blog on that someday) and while we were setting up I heard a very distinct female voice saying “They can’t hear and they can’t even see us.” It threw me through a loop and I was hooked!


We will have some EVPs on our website very shortly with good descriptions and a detailed report like nothing you’ve seen before on other sites. It might sound cocky but we will be the best group out there. So to you, I say good night and thanks for reading!

What is a Ghost?

What is a Ghost?


Yesterday I tackled the question of what am I. Today I will hopefully delve into what my thoughts are on the object I look to gain proof of, that of course being a ghost.


So, what is a Ghost? Sounds straight forward and simple to answer right? Well actually it’s a complicated question and one I very much intend to break down for you. So relax, pour yourself a drink, and hopefully we can tackle this together. So lets break this down:


What is the definition of a ghost? 
In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is a soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or in other manifestations to the living.
But it does not end there. People have also claimed to see ghost objects such as ghost ships or trains. A story that dates back a few hundred years from my birth place recounts that every year on Sir Francis Drakes Birthday you can see a coach pulled by 6 black horses with Sir Francis sitting inside leaving his house in Dartmoor and vanishing on the moor.


What are the origins of the term ghost?
The word ghost actually comes from the old English word gast (early 9th century.) The word ghost has also taken on many other names which when roughly translated mean the same thing.
Latin          Spiritus
German     Gaistaz
Scottish      Wraith or spectre
Dutch         Spok which in English is spook.
The word however translated can actually be found constantly throughout history and also in different civilizations. Strange coincidence or does this give a strong credibility to there existence?


What types of ghosts are there?
By far my favorite question. I love, no lets re-word that, I have a fascination with ghosts. From what I’ve read, and I’m no scholar, there are a few types.
Full apparition: The creme de la creme for Ghost Hunters. This is the one you want to see and even better still catch on camera. This is when the ghost takes on full form. Often it is described as having distinctive features such as period dress or resembles that of themselves when alive. The strange part is that they never seem to be in color. I have yet to read a theory why but always come off as a solid color.
Part apparition: A-ha! This is still a gem and one that has yet to be caught on camera by our team. Like a full apparition but only part of the entity exists. An example of this is The Hairy hands of Dartmoor or the headless horseman.
Shadow Figures: The most seen and the most actively caught on camera. These apparitions still take on full form but have no distinctive trademarks. These are by far the most interesting to me as every account seems to make them extremely intelligent. Often they are seen to be watching from a distance and flee as soon as spotted. 
Poltergeist: Technically not a ghost but I will briefly mention as this will be a future blog. Poltergeists have no form and can and will move objects according to poltergeist victims. I wanted to include it as who’s to say it’s not the build up to one of the above?


I hope this has helped and till next time thanks for reading.

Paranormal News Week 3 November 13th to 19th

This story comes out of Rankin County Mississippi and comes with a gem of a video!
RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. — Imagine being too afraid to stay in your own home because you believe it’s haunted. “Alice” said she’s been losing sleep for years because of ghosts.
“It’s like the whole room lights up and glows, it moves around. It looks like it’s layers of light and then it stops,” said a Rankin County homeowner who wanted to only be identified as “Alice.”
Alice asked for help from 16 WAPT’s  Darren Dedo. He called in the Mississippi Paranormal Society. They believe Alice isn’t living alone.
“There’s definitely something paranormal going on here. I can estimate two spirits,” said Brian Riley, the founder of the Mississippi Paranormal Society.
During a recent investigation at Alice’s house, team members used digital video and audio recorders to capture what they believe is proof of spirits.
“Electronic voice phenomena, being something we cannot hear with our human ears, kind of a higher wave length than what we can here,” Riley said.
Paranormal investigator Theresa Kleinman got an EVP that stunned her.
“This was one of the strangest things I’ve heard in a while,” Kleinman said. “It freaked me out when I heard it. I was like, ‘Wow, what was that?'”
It sounded like “Here’s Johnny,” a line from the movie “The Shining.”
Another EVP talks about hitting the road. “Let’s ride,” the investigators believe it said.
Yet another one says, “My favorite game,” investigators believe.
Dedo asked Alice if she believes the group was communicating with her late husband, “Ed.”
“I think that is possible. It appears to be that way,” Alice said.
During the investigation, the Paranormal Society used something called a “Spirit Box.” It scans radio frequencies to let ghosts communicate through white noise. At one point, when Riley asked how many people were in the room with him, the response was five — four investigators and one spirit.
The video evidence that was collected was compelling, too. An orb, believed to be possible spirits, appeared to go across the screen. The light anomalies popped up on video from several rooms.
“More than likely, those were orbs and all orbs are, they’re just energy, they’re just balls of energy,” Riley said.
The investigators concluded that Alice’s home is haunted.
“I’m kind of leaning towards maybe it is Ed, kind of hanging around, checking in on you every once in a while,” Riley told Alice. “The light and everything that you’re seeing, that’s probably his way of trying to get your attention.”
For now, Alice seems to be OK with the revelation that she’s sharing her home with the spirit of Ed.
“But, I felt less afraid because I did hear some of the voices on the EVPs and they didn’t seem threatening, they’re just neutral,” Alice said.
Whoever the other spirit is remains a mystery.
click the link to see video http://www.wapt.com/r/29637209/detail.html

An Englishman’s rant, a promise to you.

We are now on to three weeks of blogging and I have to pat myself on the back! I’ve actually been very diligent in writing! However, occasionally I will have one of those days where I just don’t feel like writing or something just doesn’t sit right. Most times it’s just the day-to-day stresses that keep me from writing, but today it actually involves me, the team, and just the paranormal aspect all together.
Now this may seem like an endless rant from a crazy Englishman, but believe me when I say it’s very “heart felt.”
Utah Paranormal Research is a group of individuals who through either interest or dealings in the paranormal decided to form a group. Some of us are very new to this and some are not, myself being one who has been around the block a few times and up the street. But, regardless of our experience, we are dedicated. Dedicated to going into every investigation with an open mind. Believing fully that we could experience something unexplained even paranormal or something which can be explained through science or common sense. We also understand that as much as it is exciting and fun, it can also be unsettling or concerning to those who may be experiencing the so-called bumps in the night. It is through respect and hard work that sometimes we come up with answers to questions that others may not know.
I believe it is also our duty to help educate and listen to those who seek it. To guide and direct and to treat everyone with kindness and in a professional manner. Which brings me to my rant:
There has been a boom in paranormal groups over the past five years, ourselves included. A lot of groups are hobby groups and do it for fun, and some are like us and do it to help others understand and to reassure people. But truth be told, we also do it because we find it enjoyable. Lets face the facts. We don’t get paid, and often have to pay for ourselves to go to some locations. Also equipment is not cheap, so you would be mad to do this if you didn’t find it fun or exciting.
Now, due to this there are a lot of groups out there that claim the latter but seem to put themselves on a pedestal. I have visited several sites, both for groups here in Utah and outside, and shockingly there are a host of groups out there that just seem to be braggers. Sure they show you all of the high-end equipment they have, or list the 1001 investigations they’ve done or how they are the best team out there. Unfortunately to me and hopefully to you as well, this blathering of self-aggrandizement only proves how very uninterested they are in you! So here I sit typing and I feel that now is the time to share with you our vision for Utah Paranormal Research:
To Our Supporters
We will, should you request, take you on an investigation (non-private.) It might take some time, but we are dedicated to having guest investigators on every non-private investigation.
We will show you our findings: EVPs/Photos/Video through our website and Facebook page. (http://www.utahparanormalresearch.com)
We will give you a written history of the location we investigated, and reports of paranormal activity prior to our investigation.
We will give you a documented case file (unless the private party wants us to not disclose) which is yours to freely use and refer, with proper citation of our organization. Commercial purposes will require written authorization by UPR.
We will look at and review every email and will respond in a timely fashion.
We will respond to tweets and Facebook posts.
We will examine photos and videos and listen to your EVPs you send in, and give you our opinion. It is not our intention to belittle anybody.
We will have regular blogs.
We will have an updated website.
To Our Clients
We will treat each investigation with the upmost respect and open mindedness.
We will provide you all evidence in a timely manner after the investigation.
We will provide full background checks on each member, as requested, as well as incorporate our clients in the investigation, if they so choose.
We will do our best to find answers, whether the outcome is explainable or paranormal.
To Other Paranormal Groups:
We will treat every paranormal team with respect and kindness, whether they be a grassroots club or a professional organization.
We will share evidence and findings with everybody, as well as techniques that we have found successful.
We will listen to advice and use knowledge passed to us.
We will always be reachable and will respond quickly to questions.
Wether you are young or old, male or female, new to this or a seasoned vet, we welcome you! It is through kinship and cooperation that Utah Paranormal Research will grow and hopefully provide a greater wealth of knowledge to the world of the paranormal. I hope you join us on the ride! Thanks for reading!

Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

Am I a Ghost Hunter or a Paranormal Investigator?

 Sounds like an easy question to answer right? Am I a Ghost Hunter or a Paranormal Investigator?

It’s a question that came up in my mind while I was reading through several other websites of various paranormal groups. One thing they all have in common is the mission to get away from the name or stereotype of Ghost Hunter. They rename themselves as paranormal investigators as a confirmation of their separation from being the stereotypical ghost hunter. It’s funny that they work so hard to distinguish themselves, because I believe that both names are indeed acceptable to me. The whole reason I stay up late and walk around in a dark building is to prove or find the existence of ghosts. I’m not embarrassed to say that, nor would I want you to believe otherwise. I believe and I know this will get the paranormal community a little stirred up (if anybody truly cared) is that we are indeed both. Like it or not, the one thing that drives us is to find proof. To hunt for that proof, to have that video that will change the world or to take that photo that will make a non-believer think twice. It is this very curiosity of the reality of these things which drives you to read this blog or follow our investigations! It is this very curiosity that burns in the back of are heads that asks “Is there life after death?” or “Do spirits really exist?” Hopefully we will be able to answer those questions for you. However, today I will state that I am indeed a ghost hunter, but that I will investigate to the highest degree to make sure the evidence I will show will be 100% truth, and hopefully indisputable truth.

So the question now becomes: How do I become a good investigator?

Like all groups that are professionally oriented, we deal in two types of investigations. The first is a private residential investigation where we are called in to investigate. Often we’re called to provide peace of mind. The second is a public building or location that has had reports of activity.

There are occasions when investigating private locations that I want to make assumptions of whether or not something is a ghost or not a ghost before finding sufficient evidence to verify my assumption. I avoid this sort of assuming because it may create a bias and ruin my potential as an investigator. Imagine, if you would, that you are tagging along on a investigation and suddenly a large bang sounds out from behind us. Perhaps your skeptical side impresses on you that it was just a pipe or the wind and you decide to firmly hold to that conclusion. I on the other hand swear up and down that it is paranormal and stick with that. What have we now done? We have ruined any chance of finding a real answer. If we stick with your belief we rule out possibilities of what it could be. It would be a true mishap if our bias lead us to discount a truly paranormal activity as not paranormal. We have now lost a great opportunity to begin communicating with it, and hopefully gathering more evidence. Conversely, what if we went with our bias favoring a paranormal experience, when all it turned out to be was wind or expanding pipes? We now have given false information to the client, and likely have a frightened individual who now is seeking to rid this non-existing ghost. This is where being a true investigator comes into the picture. As a team, we hope to find proof, but we’ll analyze every bang, creak, knock, sound, and movement before giving a definitive answer. Often things cannot be explained, and without concrete evidence, we can only give our opinion as to what the anomaly could be. So many times I see groups stray in one way or the other, and unfortunately a lot of the times it becomes a mission to debunk the paranormal, even if there is no definitive evidence to support the claim that it is not paranormal, just unexplained. It is with an open mind that you will find your best results. A mind that is willing to find explanations to the unexplained, and a mind that is willing to accept that certain occurrences can only be explained as paranormal. Like Moulder tells Scully: Do you believe? If you don’t, then everything you see or hear can never be.

Paranormal TV

Terra Nova had just finished and I was left with the remote in my hand. This is an event all itself! Not only had I been able to watch a full hour of a show that I liked, but I got to pick the very next program! My wife, who is the love of my life, was busy wrapping christmas presents (she’s on top of the game) and had decided against shows like “19 Kids” and “Counting” or “Sister Wives.” Tonight, however, would be my night and without hesitation I did what every man on earth does naturally: began to channel surf. It was in this moment of browsing that I realized that there are a lot of paranormal shows out there. It seems over the past few years the paranormal has boomed. Growing up in England it was always talked about and maybe every halloween one show might appear, but nowhere near to the level it is now. For those who don’t know, here’s a sampling of the various shows out there: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, Paranormal State, A Haunting, Haunted, Most Haunted, Fact or Faked, Destination Truth, Ancient Aliens, and even Celebrity Ghost Story. Each show runs around an hour long, which means that I could technically spend all day stuck in front of the TV watching nothing but paranormal shows.
All the attention to the paranormal got me to wonder: How do I feel about these shows? The answer is very mixed. Stay with me as I try to explain why I have such mixed feelings.
Let’s start with shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Both shows do in essence what UPR does. They find or are referred a location which is believed to be haunted. They do research to learn the history of the place, and present the historical facts for public information. They meet with those that claim to have had experiences and then they perform an investigation overnight collecting data using the same tools as we do. Personally, I’m a fan of both shows but they do have Pros and Cons.
It’s a great way to learn! Often I have seen a method of investigating that I like and wish to try out with the team. Some of them work and others not so much, but it’s always good to have a platform in which to base ourselves.
They really are putting the spotlight on paranormal groups which increases our chances to capitalize on some great areas like the Utah County Jail as people seem to recognize ghost hunting as a hobby or like ourselves, a science.
It can often mislead. Our team likes to take newcomers to each investigation so they can experience what we do and get a feel for it. We have also discovered that word of mouth is the best advertisement so a great experience we’ll get a lot more people following us on the social sites and more doors open for private investigations. However, as I was saying, when an investigation is not particularly active with apparent paranormal activity the new investigators will get discouraged or bored due to most of these shows either hyping up parts or not showing the slow parts of an investigation. For obvious reasons, the slow parts aren’t shown on TV because the program would likely be cancelled shortly after it began.


I’ve hit the two main shows, but lets not forget the list of others (excluding Fact or Faked and Destination Truth) they too fall into the “Good TV Folder.” Its a folder I created and locked away as shows that dramatize or make up stories to get the viewers scared or nervous. These shows have no similarity to what we do and really should not in my opinion be at all looked at in a scientific fashion.
Now I know this is a little harsh, but very true. For an example lets pick “Paranormal State,” if you’re a fan skip this paragraph. Paranormal State follows a group of kids from Penn State University (the group is not registered as a group at the University by the way.) It mainly follows lead investigator Ryan Buell who claims as a child to have a lot of paranormal experiences, but till this day has never shared any of them. They investigate a lot of haunted locations but never really seem to do any real investigating. They also deal a lot in the demon side of the paranormal, often inviting a priest to help eradicate the entity. With spooky music added throughout the show, to me it’s all staged over the few seasons, and they have had many reports of it being such.


Finally, we have fact or faked and destination truth. Both shows are great as they really put the science into investigating and do all they can to disprove a video or a claim. The one thing that I like is their willingness to say “We can’t duplicate these events. What we experienced could very well be paranormal.”


In closing I just want you to know that ghost hunting while fun and exciting is not always what you see on TV, but if you are interested, we’d love for you to join us on an investigation. If you would like to participate, you can reach us at utahparanormalresearch@hotmail.com. Be aware that due to high demand, it may take a few weeks or even months for an opening, but we will take you with us sooner or later! Until next time, thanks for reading!

My First Paranormal Experience- Dave

So I thought I’d share with you my first experiences with the paranormal. One that will always stick with me. It’s also a story I do not share much but indeed very creepy. I am very prone to paranormal experiences.  To start the story, it’s best to tell about my background. I grew up in the Mormon faith which I no longer practice, but was informed that I would have many dealings with the other side by a clergyman who’s specific calling is to discuss your life mission. This was not the only time I was told this, I’ve in fact been told many times by psychics as well.
One of my first experiences was at the tender age of 10 or 11. Every summer I would spend my days staying over at a friend’s house. The friend (for privacy reasons I will not share names) lived in an old house in the inner city in Plymouth, England. In the house lived three brothers, one sister, and their mom. The dad was no longer in the picture. They were all close in age, one boy was 1 year older than me “Jake,” one my age “Ryan,” one a year younger “Matt,” and the sister two years younger “Amber.” We would spend the days playing soccer, throwing water balloons at passing cars (sorry drivers) and building the biggest fort in the world. At night we would spend the night spread out on the floor in sleeping bags in the back room upstairs.
It was on one of these nights that I had an experience that would forever change my views of the paranormal and one that I can remember very vividly.
We had all got in our sleeping bags and I was lying in between Ryan and Amber. It was late and we were all tired after talking for a short while. One by one we all fell asleep. Suddenly I awoke to Amber screaming “There’s a nasty man!” she kept repeating, but there was nothing there! We looked around the room and it was empty. We assured her it was just a dream and she fell back asleep as did we all. Not long passed when Amber awoke again and began screaming “there’s a nasty man here and he is saying nasty things!” This time her screams had awoke her Mom and she was now walking towards the room to see if we were okay. Now this is when it became freaky. As soon as their Mom reached the door (It was open as Amber was scared of the dark) slammed shut. The doors to the wardrobes began to open and close and the lights began to flicker. What happened next still makes me shiver. We all heard an audible voice, and I can’t quite remember what he said but it was something along the lines of “This is my f–king house and I will not let you stay!”
Needless to say we were now all scared to death! In fact, to the point of tears. Their mom, a strong Christian, was on the phone and for 5 minutes of hell we were left in this room with something frightening. Soon we heard a man’s voice on the other side of the door. Their mom had called in help from a trusted religious leader. He commanded the entity to leave using the name of Christ and God. Did it work? Most certainly! We then heard the entity walk down the stairs and out of the house. It was gone, and I was left very scared. It took about two months before I could sleep again to tell you the truth. My teddy from early childhood became my protector at night but it soon faded and I once again began to read scary stories before falling asleep.
Looking back on it, I still cant explain what went on. What it makes me believe is that there are two types of spirits: ones that mean no harm, and ones that don’t like us, and are not afraid to show it. I still don’t believe that they can physically hurt us nor do I wish to find out, but on that night it was an entity that did not want us there. People who I share the story with ask: “Why do you not follow that faith that successfully cast it out?” My answer to that is simple: No matter what faith you are or if you don’t even have one, it is my belief that a God (remember I am a God believer) would give his power to anyone who needs help to remove that which is not of him. If you have had an experience that you would like to share email me at utahparanormalresearch@hotmail.com or if you have a question feel free to comment below or write us. Until next time, thanks for reading!

Meet the Team. Jared.

I sat down with team member Jared and asked some questions so you could get to know him a little better.
How old are you and when where you born? 27, salt lake city
Have you lived here in utah all your life? no, i’ve moved out of country twice, once to Uruguay and once to Finland.  I’ve also lived in North Carolina for a semester of grad school.
What do you do for work? Student and Vending Serviceman
Are you at college? Yes, finishing a Master’s in Public Administration
What are your hobbies? I love to play music.  Currently I play a lot of electronic.  I enjoy bicycling non-competitively and enjoy reading and learning.
Why do you go ghost hunting? I’ve always been interested in the unexplained, and have the desire to learn more about what’s on the other side.  It’s also very fun!
How long have you been interested in ghosts? all my life, but my interest in ghosts was spurred over the past few years.  my main forte for most of my life is in UFOs and ETs.
What is your most memorable experience in the paranormal? Two big things: First, I saw a triangular formation of lights fly over Salt Lake City, which was most definitely not a conventional airplane.  Whether it was military or something else is still a mystery.  The second has to be the Utah County Jail.  There I heard several whispers as well as a voice crying out in a sort of UUAAAHHHH sound.  Very intense.  Chris, a visiting investigator was there with me and heard it too.
What do you hope to achieve in the group? I am hoping to prove to myself as well as anybody else who is interested in the reality of ghosts and unseen entities.  Whether they are proven null or legitimate is irrelevant, I just want a solid answer. I feel that technology can capture the truth, we just need to find a way to do it.
If you could visit one haunted spot where and what would it be? I would love to see Alcatraz, and perhaps even poltergeist activity in a residential setting. (Not my own of course ha ha!)
What do you say to skeptics? Instead of denying something because it lacks evidence, deny it because of the evidence.  Stop pretending to debunk things with shady theory and evidence or flat out denial.
If you could only take one piece of equipment with you what would you take? I live and die by the audio.  I think audio is one of the most reliable things, especially when you get clear voices responding to the conversation.  It’s hard to deny a clear voice. I’ve had much more success with EVP than any other phenomena.
What rule do you follow most by when doing an investigation? NO WHISPERING and don’t go off by yourself if the location is unsafe.  Never investigate alone.
If you could pass along one tip to new investigators what would that tip be? DO NOT WHISPER!  Also, do not be afraid. Finding things that would suggest ghost activity can be disturbing and may cause anxiety and paranoia.  Go in with a positive attitude, and leave knowing that you are protected.  The mind is a powerful thing, and any feelings or even experience of paranormal activity can be relieved through a strong mind.
Can you round us of with a cool experience or story you have? Our investigation at Fort Douglas wrapped up with no apparent paranormal activity.  After reviewing my audio, I discovered a voice calling me a Mother F–ker.  I wondered why I was called that, and realized that the moment before I had spoken in German in an attempt to call on one of the POWs that stayed at the Fort.  Germans at the time were the baddest of bad guys, and so speaking German was probably very insulting to whoever was still there.  Needless to say, the entity let me know exactly what he thought!

Orbs, Fact or Faked?

At long last I get to spill my feelings on a very interesting subject. One that has been in heated debate now for some years. That being the question of orbs, and are they truly paranormal?
Recently the team posted a photo taken by lead investigator Brad of a photo filled with orbs. Some of them appear to be moving, which can be noted from their white streaks across the photograph rather than having the round appearance. All in all, it’s a very interesting subject which I hope to break down for you.
So what do I mean when I say orb?
An orb appears on photo images that have used flash photography. They are not seen or witnessed by the naked eye and should not be confused with balls of light (that’s another subject for another day.) The very first orb was noticed in 1994 by Dave and Sharon Oester. Since then, many ghost hunting groups have used this word to describe these oddly shape objects in their photos. Though the object has a universal name, it does not have a universal belief in what it is. From my research, I have narrowed it down to three main theories.
Spirit or a Ghost.
Out of the three this to me is the least likely. Of course I can’t say without a shadow of a doubt that these orbs are not ghosts, but I just don’t see it as being something paranormal. I have been on several investigations and some investigations are better than others. Sometimes I will catch good EVPs and other times none. Sometimes I will see a shadow move or spot something in the corner of my eye, other times not so much. But without fail as I go through my photos, there is at least always one or two photos with orbs. Am I just lucky? I think not. There have been reason to possibly believe that streaks of white lights as viewed in Brad’s photo of orbs seem to move. In another photo, taken a short second after, the orbs are no longer there. There is likely a science behind it all, with lighting, air motion, etc. and it just sees a bit too far fetched for common orbs to be paranormal.  Jared has noticed in areas of high dust levels that you can actually see the dust particles shine as the flash goes off on the camera, which is then verified in the picture as dust orbs.
The second theory is that they are balls of energy.
I actually have never heard of this theory until studying the beliefs of orbs and I was quite taken back. It’s still hard to believe it could be a very valid belief. This theory comes from a mixture of science and from the ghost hunting community. The belief is simply put that the images of orbs is that of energy that is manifested through sunlight, moonlight flash from photography and simple energy harvested from a person. They claim that orbs have energy that is said to give the true “entities” around the area some kind of power to communicate, hence the reason orbs seem to appear in more haunted locations. Now I found the last part really interesting because this July 4th I took a lot and I mean a lot of photos of my daughters third Independence Day. Several photos were taken in the dark and not a single orb appears in any of the photos. However, here I was not more than two weeks ago at the Old Utah County Jail and snapped a few photos and got several orbs both inside and outside.  Whether one area had higher content of dust in the air or not, is unknown to me.
The third theory is the most believed:
This theory is that what you are capturing a picture, that dust manifests as glowing balls of light because of the flash. It’s nothing more than particles not seen by the naked eye floating around and because of slow shutter speeds on digital cameras appears illuminated because of the flash. This is easy and simple to believe because dust can be seen often when taking photos.
It is this that drives me and the team to find the truth or at least most plausible explanation to the unknown. We would like our evidence to be used in a manner that science will be benefitted and mystery will be solved. We will be conducting several tests to determine the science of orbs and will post our results soon. If you have an idea or have some further input please email me or the team at utahparanormalresearch@hotmail.com

Paranormal News week 2 November 6th to 12th

First, I’d like to thank our fan Molly for sending me this story of the week. You could not make this up even if you tried. Now I believe fully in Ghosts! No surprise there, but this story pushes the boundaries a little bit, even for me! It comes all the way from Ohio and well, just read for yourself:
A US woman has pictures of what she claims are ghostly figures getting amorous in her Ohio home.
According to Fox 8 Cleveland, Euclid resident Dianne Carlisle has seen the apparitions in her home and thinks that she has evidence of afterlife relations.
The photographs were taken on Carlisle’s mobile phone by her 4-year-old granddaughter Kimora.
Carlisle said: “It looks like, like ghosts having sex in my living room! They are having sex, you can see the lady’s high heeled shoes!
“I’ve never seen anything like this. I mean, ghosts still have feelings? [They’re] having sex?”
Carlisle claimed that she has previously experienced contact with spirits beyond the grave, with one spectre – apparently her deceased sister – leaving a voicemail on her mobile phone.
A ghost having sex really? All I can say is wow, wow, and wow. Well there you have it! Your fellow blogger is stumped for words. I don’t know where to go with that so for now thanks for reading!