We have a YouTube account!!!!

As I laid my head on the pillow last night, the horror struck in. I forgot the daily blog! I was so caught up in the group’s first YouTube video that I completely forgot to give you guys the team’s weekly update!
Truth be told, not much has really happened lately unless you count the group’s second true investigation, the crazy EVPs that we caught, the inclusion of mediums, and of course the dowsing rod test success. There’s never a dull moment!
The team is moving along at a good pace, and it seems with every investigation we get a little better. We are still improving, but with time we’ll have some really good methods of gathering evidence. I believe what makes our team unique, is the dedication we have and the oneness as a group. I’ve read countless accounts from other groups of teams splitting, and who’s to say we wont have our days of hardship, but all in all I don’t believe that will be a problem as there really is no assigned leader for the group.  We are a team and share the load evenly. I create the blogs and run the public relation side, Jared is our investigation guru who plans and sets up events, Brad is battling day and night to get the website up as well as maintaining the blog, Steven has mountains of audio to go through, and Jordan scans and analyzes each and every photo taken. We are a team.
Today’s blog is going to be short because it’s also in celebration of our first YouTube video!  Instead of wasting time reading my babble, I thought it would be better to watch the rods in action.
Unfortunatly our video file is to large for the blog. So click the link to witness the rods in action.
Let us know your thoughts!  Until next time!
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  1. Jenn says:

    I wouldn’t mind being taught what to look/listen for so I can help out the group as much as possible!

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