What was that?

A topic of conversation arose yesterday between myself and a fellow investigator on the team.
“Do you ever have the feeling that someone or something is watching you?”
It’s a question that I’m certain to say everyone interested in the paranormal has experienced. Even now I can’t walk up the stairs in the dark without that feeling. Is it paranoia? Or is it something truly unseen? From my views, 99% of the time it will be paranoia but and I do say that sometimes there really is a just cause for the 1% of non-paranoia cases. Now please take this blog with a pinch of salt, for these are only my views. They have not been proven by fact or science or by divine power. It is simply my own beliefs.
Let’s explore this topic a bit more. I believe in two types of spirits: the good and the not so good. Now this is where it gets confusing. It’s in my opinion that it is not as easy as black and white, yin or yang, or angels and demons. I believe that there are a hierarchy of spiritual beings. An example on the “good side” of the spiritual, are lost loved ones, people who lived here once before and now just reside, and of course your angels or spirit guides. (I am a believer in a higher power) and then of course, the not so good spirits which are the exact opposites. Some of these are people who lived and resided here, but don’t want to see anybody (and really are not afraid to let you know,) and demons.
Should you be worried about these negative entities?  I would say no. Through my experience there are much more of the good or harmless ones, than that of the bad. As an example of this, I want to defer you to the dowsing rod test we just experienced at the Old Utah County jail in Provo, Utah. We met a spirit who claimed he was a man that was a rapist during this life. Now its is a fact that rape is one of the most vile and degrading acts one human can do to another. So here we are, in a really creepy rotting jail, speaking to a vile individual. However, interestingly enough, not once did any members of the group feel threatened or felt a heavy presence that is often associated with evil spirits. What I guess I’m trying to convey is that a vile person in life, was not threatening us as a spirit in the next life.  Just remember, there are mean people here, which would make sense that there are mean people there. You may encounter some mean spirits, but it does not necessarily mean they are evil or demons, they’re just simply people with bad attitudes.
Another idea from another investigator, is that if I was a ghost and decided to stay in this realm, I would find it absolutely hilarious to scare and cuss out unsuspecting paranormal investigators!  I mean really, how funny would that be to see their faces as they hear me growl or make creepy noises!
A lot of people believe in angels (Gods warriors) or spirit guides and guardians. I am one of those believers. My grandfather passed away some time ago, but I believe he exists as a protector for me. Often, when I feel down or alone or even if I have a question I will ask for his help. Do I get it? Absolutely! Some may say it’s just myself giving me peace of mind or creating an imagined feeling of comfort. I say, it is that of him. Either way you look at it, it’s a blessing to know.


There are, however, entities that are not so good. I will not dwell too long on them, as I believe we shouldn’t. These have no objective other than making you feel bad, scared and helpless. There are some people and organizations that will assist but often a simple command by yourself will suffice.  Firmness, belief in one’s self, and absolute confidence that your word is stronger than they will send them running for the door.  This is the common belief which has been professed by many people who have experienced paranormal activity in their homes.


So should you worry? The answer: why worry?! Chances are you will never have anything in your home or around you that should worry you. If you do, drop us an email and we will be more than happy to come out and give you our findings. Please know that it is, what I believe, that dwelling on something that is not there can do far more damage mentally than if it really was. Basically, if your doors aren’t slamming and dishes aren’t flying, then don’t pay your fears any attention. I hope i given you a glimpse of what I feel and should you have a question, feel free to email us at utahparanormalresearch@hotmail.com and for now, thanks for reading!
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