Are Psychics real?

Dowsing Rods were not the only new tool in our arsenal on the investigation through the Old Utah County Jail. This tool (I hope it’s okay to use the term tool) was not something you could hold or set down and review at a later date. It was in the form of a lady named Tracey.
Tracey, who works as a psychic, medium, and diviner was our very special guest.  Jared, a lead investigator, is a tarot student of Tracey’s, and was quick to validate her claims of being a psychic. We decided to test out the possibility of having a psychic going on investigations, and had very positive results. Tracey joined Jared’s team during the Old Utah County Jail investigation, and recalls walking through the cells on the west side of the building. Tracey, out of the blue announces the presence of a man named Scott. Steven, our lead audio technician was listening in real time through his recorder and heard the name “Scott” right before Tracey announced his name was Scott. The audio will be uploaded when the website is finished to prove that what Tracey had said and what Steven had heard are indeed factual.  There are other examples of EVP being captured on the recorders, and Tracey responding the the random blurbs of EVP.  It was a very interesting interaction, which leads us to have Tracey on more investigations in the future to see how a psychic interacts with the paranormal.


There are a lot of people out there that will pay a lot of money for either guidance or direction, by “psychics” and even more who want ever so badly to talk to a lost friend or loved one. Who wouldn’t? I, for one, would pay pretty good money to talk to my grandfather again. So, with this comes the fakes and frauds who claim to be mediums and psychics. It is this that gives the true psychics, and I do believe they exist, a hard time with doubters like myself.  So many psychics claim to see or hear spirits and ghosts, when in reality they are just like me or you.. clueless! These people have become pro in what is known as “leading.” Leading is asking general questions that leads the person to a belief that they are indeed talking with a lost one. As an example I’ve listed a brief conversation below.
“Im feeling the presence of a lady figure, did you lose someone close to you that was female?”
“Good, they are telling me small which could either mean that there passing was not long ago or they passed young”
“Yes my mom died not long ago”
“Okay yes she just showed me a ____ that validates to me that this person was an important person in your life”
“Yes she was”
It is amazing how with practice anyone can do this as long as you have the personality to back it. But does this make all people like Tracey a fake? The answer is a definite NO. There are some out there that tests have proven their worth. Two names that spring to mind are that of John Edwards from the hit show “Crossing Over” and Theresa Caputo from TLC’s new show “Long Island Medium.” Both, to say it lightly, freak me out. Yes, with TV technology they could edit the shows to catch the good stuff and edit wrong information, but what they cannot edit is the exactness of their responses and it soon becomes very obvious that they are not leading. One account is of Theresa who meets random people in the street and says, “You’re a firefighter, correct?” “Yes!” “And I’m being told you were meant to be at the world trade center when it collapsed but you were hurt, correct?” “Yes!” There was no leading, it was yes or no answers and John does the same.


It is for this reason that I am excited that Tracey will join us on more outings, maybe to prove to this skeptic that she is for sure the real deal. I look forward to finding out how her psychic skills can be proved, and any possible evidence and information we can obtain from it. I look forward to that day, and maybe with UPRs science and her gift, prove that there is indeed a realm we can not see. Until tomorrow, thanks for reading!
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