The Old County Jail. The Day After.

The clock was ticking down. The group had arrived in its final area for the night. What we can only hazard to guess, was that the room we were in was likely the daycare for staff or visiting families. In my hands were the pair of newly purchased dowsing rods. It was a simple test, but one that could sum up our night. Jenn, a guest investigator, was stood up positioned away from the group. We had asked her to put her hands behind her back and signal how many fingers she had stuck out. To witness her non change in fingers, a fellow investigator stood behind her to make sure she didn’t change. The room went silent, “Can you cross the rods to show how many fingers Jenn is holding out? Once you’re done counting, separate the rods all the way.” It didn’t take long for the rods to move, one, two and three then rods opened. “No way!” came Jenn’s excited response.  The rods had accurately counted the number of fingers Jenn had signaled behind her back and out of our view. Okay, maybe it was luck, let’s get Jordan to do it. Again the question was asked. One,two, three, four and five the rods opened. It had nailed it again!  The very act of the rods crossing and returning back to a parallel position is one anomaly, but actually accurately signaling the fingers which were positioned out of the group’s view is something indeed very strange!
5 hours earlier:
I looked at my car’s clock radio, it was seven and I was cruising down I-15. “I hope this is going to be good!” The phone rang it was Jared, he too was on his way. Soon we would be at the Old Utah County Jail and what for me has been the most exciting investigation would begin.
Looking back as I sit typing this Sunday morning, I realize the fullness of what happened the night before. Personally, I believe the place to be haunted. There is no way that we could have had that many different types of experiences and it all be coincidences.
The night was cold which already was our first challenge we faced. What also became another challenge was the sheer size of the building. There were parts that even now I think I never saw or touched. Overall though I have to say the group did very well with the time restraint and how they conducted themselves especially the newcomers. (I hope they enjoyed themselves!) We decided to split into two groups, with one team on one end of the building, and the other team on the other side. The team I followed consisted of lead Investigators Brad and Ashley, and also with newcomers Wendy her daughter Jenn and friend Lisa. In the second group were 2 guest Psychics Tracey and friend Janel.  Lead investigators Jared, Jordan and Steven lead the group. Chris who has joined us before was back for a second time, along with newcomer David R.
I won’t go into huge details, the results are going to be published in the team’s website that is on the way. But what I will share is by far my favorite moment. We were about an hour into the investigation. We had already had tons of “what’s that?” or “did you hear that?”  What was to come left my team with little doubt and it would come in the form of the dowsing rods. We all ventured to the lower right basement jail cells to test out the dowsing rods. Tracey, the psychic, had mentioned high levels of activity in that area, which we were told later after we had experienced the place for ourselves. We sat outside the middle cell and began to ask questions. “Cross the rods for a yes, open them for no.”
“Do you understand?” the rods crossed. “Thank you! Can you make them parallel so we continue asking question?” the rods go back to parallel.
This continued with each question the rods responded. It was getting intense! We worked out that he went to jail for rape, served 4 years and was around 50 years old. He didn’t regret what he did but the interesting part came after I asked “Do you like anyone here?” The rods moved towards Jenn and stayed. Fluke maybe, so Jenn moved and the rods followed. We asked more, “Are you trapped?” and “Are you alone?” again the rods responded and he even pointed to where he was at. Eventually he was done and the rods ceased. The group was absolutely in awe at what we just witnessed. Quickly we told the others and sure enough they wanted to see.
So would it work again? Answer: Yes. The whole group would not only see the rods move but get the exact same answers from the rapist we had spoken to prior. This was now more than luck to me, this was real.  Later the group had another strange experience using the rods, when Jenn asked the entity to touch the K2 EMF detector.  The EMF detector had been silent all night, and the moment she asked for the spirit to touch the device, there was an instant reading by EMF detector of significantly high EMF levels.  There is no electricity in the building, and all cellphones were shut off.  There is no explanation for the EMF spike.
The other group had some interesting experiences as well.  Psychic Tracey was able to communicate with a ghost named Scott, which name was later found written on a wall.  While this may be coincidence, it was something noteworthy.  Lead investigator Jared felt his hair be pulled, while Tracey was getting her coat tugged constantly.  Steven heard EVP in real time through his headphones, which have been confirmed by Jared’s recordings.  The team also experienced a door shutting by itself.  The most evidence the other group had has been through EVP.
Well this was for sure a great visual but as I wade through my recordings I am getting some good responses. Soon we will have the full evidence, but as I said, for me this is a must to revisit and a haunted location for certain. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Jenn says:

    This was such a cool experience! Thank you for documenting this! I can’t wait until the next one!

  2. Wendy Davis says:

    This was an AmaZing investigation. It was my first, so now I may be spoiled!

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