Dowsing Rods.

I can only imagine it’s early hours in the Nebeker residence and there’s a knock on the door. Half asleep, Brad stumbles down the stairs and opens the door to behold a UPS man with a package in his hands. “Parcel for a Mr. B. Nebeker” he says in a gruff tone. Brad looks down to find a slim line package with an sticker on it. This can only mean one thing! Hurriedly he rips through the package to see two shiny copper L shaped bars looking back at him. Victoriously he lofts them above his head and shouts to the world “The dowsing rods are here!”
Well okay, it probably didn’t go down like that, but you can guess our excitement! Saturday will mark the first investigation that we will have the opportunity to use these nifty little tools. A tool that’s regarded by many as one of the best ways to connect or contact the spirits, and for a really good price! Now don’t be fooled, you do pay for what you get and there’s a lot of rods out there. What we have seen and read is that:
Make sure they are made of copper.
Make sure the handle is between 4-5 inches in length. Anything smaller makes it harder to grasp.
3. Make sure the handle has some form of cover i.e. copper tube or beads. (We did hear that the copper is better as it helps transfer natural energy better..)
So what is a dowsing rod? I’ve searched the web and collected some snippets to answer this question. Dowsing rods or divining rods have been around for a long long time. Often dowsing rods were in the form of Y shape made of a Hazel branch. Now they are shaped like a L, and made of metal.  In fact, the Bible even mentions about dowsing rods! Aaron, the brother of Moses, was said to have carried one, performing great miracles. Even to this day some religions claim in its power including some in the LDS church (the prominent Mormon church here in Utah.) These rods were referred to as the “Gift of Aaron.” With that aside, dowsing rods continued to be used throughout history. They have been used to find metal, water, and now spirits.
But is it real? From what I’ve read, I’m very skeptical because the field of dowsing is extremely vast. It’s a very two sided thing there is no grey in between. Many tests have been performed, mostly in Germany due to the fact that dowsing really originated from there, and they all come back inconclusive. Sometimes they wing it to that of chance other times the say it happened too many times to call it chance. Most of these experiments were used in search of water, which does not lead to any conclusive results regarding their ability to communicate with spirits. Testing this methodology is also a bit difficult.  For example, wow do you even test for ghosts?  It’s a bit difficult to claim to have contact with a ghost, when they are in fact not evident according to modern science. This is where we would like to try and solve both the mystery of ghosts, and of the accuracy of dowsing rods as communicating tools with spirits.
With that said, we will go into the blackest night (no I’m not going to pledge the Green Lantern pledge) and find out for ourselves. I for one am excited and can’t wait. We will keep you posted on the results of our experiment with the rods. Thanks for reading!
If you feel you have paranormal activity in your house, or know of a location that you would like investigated.. please feel free to contact us at We keep strict confidentiality, and work with our clients professionally and seriously.  We hope to find answers to any unexplained occurrences, and hopefully give peace of mind regarding the situation.
If you have a question or want to learn how to use dowsing rods, “HOW TO USE” copy this Youtube link to be shown how.
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