Are Psychics real? Part 2

This blog requires a deep breath on my part. The team is basically a group of two sets of friends/co-workers, That joined together to make one team. There is Jared and his brother Jordan and friend Steven. Then there’s Brad and his wife Ashley who are in turn friends with me, and then my co-worker Wendy and her daughter Jenn. What makes this fun is that we have a lot of different views and I mean a lot.
We have Jared, a return LDS missionary who no longer practices and has now developed a complete different stance on religion and life after death.
We have Jordan, fresh off an LDS mission and still very much active in that belief.
Then there’s Ashley and Brad with no real set belief. Brad’s the type of “I need to see it to believe it.”
Wendy and Jenn would describe themselves as Christian. Wendy more so.
Myself, I have a belief that all faiths are true to a certain degree,
and last of all Steven is also an open minded individual who was raised LDS but views religion as I do.
What this enables us to do is bring a host of ideas to the table which brings me to my blog. Jared, who I have only known for 3-4 months, shares the same passion I do for the paranormal. He’s a good guy and we get along with each other great. (again it makes the team stronger if you could see yourself hanging out with other members away from the team) Now Jared and I share a lot of the same ideas but we are drastically different on others. There is one though that has us both confused and has resulted in many long conversations. Is Tracey truly talking to the dead? Which in turn leads us to the question of whether or not people can really talk to the dead? I will break it down for you why I am so confused.
One theory: Yes She Can Talk to the Dead.
I was told to always look at the glass half full and so I will start with what she claims. She believes fully in her abilities and people believe in her. She is currently one of the most recognized psychic mediums in the valley. Now I am not a believer in Tarot cards nor will I be as I don’t believe in destiny or a pre written future. To my beliefs it would make life here pointless if it was all set in stone. However, Jared does and along with many native Utahns that go to Tracey to learn how to read cards and to have their fortunes read.
Jared told me of a story that is very cool to him. One time when he was getting his cards read, Tracey told him that his wife Pinja would be heading off on a trip alone in November, at the time it was March. Jared was very doubtful about the trip. First, why wouldnt he go? Second, what kind of trip would Pinja have to go on? There was no way would he pay for her to go on a trip by herself just to voluntarily make Tracey right. He could prove her and Tarot cards wrong.
That was not to be the case he later found out that his brother-in-law (that was 35 years old) would be getting married during a big final exam in November, and so it was Pinja who went alone to the wedding. If you are a believer in Tarot cards, then by all means she can nail it! But I want some hard proof which takes us to the EVPs. She has nailed some names and also what is being said. One example comes from a seance conducted by Tracey that Jared and Brad attended. She says something along the lines of she a singer. On Jared’s recorder you hear a distinct female voice saying “I love to sing.” The EVP is clear and the whole team have vouched for it. So surely that cant be chance right?
Second Theory: No She Can’t Talk to the Dead.
This is why I need to take a deep breath. I so badly need hard proof and every time a chance pops up, she just cant nail the hard facts that can be checked on. During the Seance she gets a death of a Roswell witness wrong, although Jessie Marcel claims that the way he died is not how they published it.. a bit convenient to make it an open-ended answer. (Jared is a UFO nut as well) In the Union station, Brad and myself put her to the test as well. A mayor was apparently in the room but we couldn’t get a name, which is easily identifiable through history searching, but for other non-searchable names Tracey easily could tell us. She also stated of a man named Warren James who had a wife and kids then ten minutes later had no family. Also her responses are very generic and often lead the group to hear what she wants them to hear. So does this mean she’s a fraud?


I have no idea. I cant yet lean one way or the other. Which brings up the idea of tests and here’s my thoughts for one extreme test.
Step 1
Send Tracey in with one investigator who writes down all that is being said as well as have a digital recorder going. They will not disclose any information with the rest of team for the entire investigation or till all evidence is reviewed. (That way it does not contaminate the reviewing process of the voice recordings)
Step 2
Send Two members in with the famous Ghost Box! (Recently purchased by Brad) And ask to speak directly to the spirits who communicated with Tracey. Also have a voice recorder going. Although this method is a bit out there, any sort of consistency would be good evidence of her abilities, while inconsistencies really can’t prove for or against her, as we are not sure if the person talking in the spirit box etc is the same person who talked to Tracey.
Step 3
Send two members in with the dowsing rods and a hand held camera again ask to speak to the same entity and have a voice recorder going at the same time.
Step 4
The last and final, send in a team for an evp session.
Should any team validate what she said then I am a believer. If not then I have no idea how else to find out. What are your thoughts?
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