The Movies

How close can movies come? 
I remember a long time ago one Halloween a show came on TV simply named Ghost Watch. I was ten years old and needless to say I still remember that show today. It was a complete one-off Halloween special and headlining the show was TV presenter Sarah Greene. The show was set up very well. Sarah went to this house in Northern London where a family where experiencing paranormal/poltergeist activity. There in the house, was a Dad, Mom, two girls, and of course a baby. It was very similar to what we see today in Ghost Hunters but at the time no one had seen anything quite like it, it was unique. The show was a 2 hour special and was filmed live (or so we were led to believe). It would switch from the house to the TV studio where you could call to report unexplained events that Sarah might have missed. The story or back history of the house was that a psychologically disturbed man called Raymond Tunstall used to live there. During the show he was nicknamed as “Pipes” as he rattles the pipes. What made this so fun was that as the show went on longer Pipes began to get more powerful and began to manifest itself to the worst degree. The story says that he was a child molester and instead of going to prison for a crime he committed he hung himself in the basement. Unfortunately for Pipes he had locked the basement door, trapping himself with his cats. Police reportedly found his body half eaten surrounded by his now deceased cats who rear their ugly little heads during the show. The show was fantastic! It scared the holy crap out of me! The girls got scratched, there was ghost sightings, disfigured voices, and the finale was amazing. Sarah was hearing a cat cry coming from the basement, so she ventured in with a cameraman in tow, but before he steps on the first step the door slams shut and you here Sarah scream. THE END. The next day it was all over the news! Over 30,000 people called in to the BBC switchboard and newspapers scrambled to find out if Sarah had died. At the time, she was like the Ryan Secrest of today. But low and behold it was a hoax, and a bloody good one! So much so that it got banned for ten years in England.


So why do I mention this? Because it’s just a movie, nothing more. Often people come with us expecting a spirit to just jump out or to have something crazy happen, but the truth is, probably around 95% of the time nothing really does happen during an investigation. It’s not until we listen back to voice recordings or sharing experiences that you really get the full effect. So if you’re following with us, remember one thing: movies are nowhere near close to reality. They would be pretty boring if they were!
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