Can a Ghost Follow Me Home

Can a Ghost or Spirit follow you home? I get asked this a lot with guest investigators. Some investigations can leave you a little unsettled, and nothing is more unnerving than an unexplained paranormal event. Just think about it for a moment… If you were to see an object move by itself or see a apparition that vanished as soon as it appeared, how would you feel? As humans, I speak for most in that I believe there is a general insecurity of the unknown. We like to have answers, and I think its for that reason that we are the dominant creature on the earth. So when something makes no sense, it freaks us out a little. Now imagine it follows you home. Our home is often our sanctuary. Its a place where everything makes sense, its are part of our world of safety and trust. Suddenly, something is here that’s not part of this safe world of ours. It will rattle the most hardened investigator. Imagine if lions followed you home from the zoo! Ghosts of course are nowhere near as dangerous, but it’s still a frightening thought!
So can a ghost follow you home? Yes, yes it can. Will it follow you home? Most likely not. In my opinion, 99.99% of the time it wont. (I started to chuckle as now I’m just tempting fate) But the way I see it this just wont happen and here’s why:


Now here is that word again and I will put it in caps so there’s no misreading.. I BELIEVE, that spirits are just like you and I. We have our corners of the world we like to call home and they have theirs. As an example, not too long ago we had Thanksgiving. It was a great time! My wife, the cook of the family, slaved all day preparing a turkey with all the goods for us and her family. Yep, her mom and two brothers, mine are still in England. They came over and at the end of the day they left. Now here’s where I relate myself to that of a ghost or spirit. It was fun. I like my wife’s family, we even communicated similar to that of the investigation. However, when it was all said and done I didn’t want to go with them. I like my place too much! Now that’s family, what if they were strangers? I wouldn’t know what their place is like, or if there was a place to stay. I would also miss my family. I BELIEVE that it’s exactly the same for spirits. They are here for a reason that I do not know, but they chose that spot because it means something to them, it has an attachment. Either that, or they’re stuck there for whatever reason.


So, with that said, I still acknowledge the existence of some that will follow people. I myself have had such, but that was entirely different and was most likely due to the influences in my life at that time rather than from a paranormal experience. Very religious happenings in that experience.


So, what do you do to prevent it or stop it from happening. This question to me is unknown. Some pray, some use the burning of sage or crystals. My theory is very different from all of that. It’s what I call respect. In every investigation I perform, I respect those that I’m there to communicate with. Its a principle that was engraved into me by my grandfather. Respect those who have passed or fallen as you would those who are still with us. At the end of each investigation I take a few quite moments and say the following “Thank you for allowing me here. Thank you for your time. I ask that you stay here and not follow me home.”


Though I am a God believer I do not feel the need to use higher powers of God or ask for him to keep them away, I reserve that for the “Others” which are a bit more dangerous than ghosts. The reason behind it is that I believe the results from EVP that I’ve gathered has indicated that they mean no harm and have not done anything that would warrant need for protection. It would be like someone coming to your house and before they leave calling the cops to make sure nothing happens. If that would happen to me I would be like “what the hell did I do?”


So wrapping up, should you be afraid? No not at all. Just have a little respect and they will in turn respect you. If you have a rare happening of being followed, just remember that YOU are supposed to be here and they are not. Your word has power without measure. Faith moves mountains, and by the word is expressed our faith.
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