The Union Station. The Day After.

It was cold outside, very cold, and it was close to Thanksgiving so I thought I’d better be thankful. I was thankful that I was going to be inside for this investigation, and I was thankful that the heat would be on inside. I was also thankful for the Ogden Union Station administration for allowing us to have an investigation at the museum.


We arrived early, not quite as early as planned, but a good 30 minutes before our allotted time. We would have arrived earlier but the traffic was terrible. I rode up with Wendy and Jenn who were now on their second full investigation with the team, while Brad brought up the rest of the crew Steven, Jared and Jordan. Tracey and Janel brought a guest Tim who came in their own car as well.
We were met at the door by Jerred the night caretaker who was extremely nice and polite and gave us a quick rundown of the place. Unfortunately the basement was off limits. Apparently it takes three visits to get to that stage with emphasis on good team behavior, so maybe late 2012 for that one.


The place is actually big and small at the same time. Overall the place is quite huge however the rooms are enormous so it makes the investigation very small. The building consisted of two floors, and what made it very unique was where the most activity takes place. The top floor on the far south side and the lower floor on the very north side. For us, it’s an investigators dream as we are able to split the group in two and investigate at the same time without the fear of contaminating each other’s EVP sessions or evidence. There is no way that noise could travel that far.


The night itself went fairly well. For the first hour or so we were joined by Tracey and Janel the two Psychics we’ve been experimenting with. Again, I’m very indifferent of whether they have a gift or not, but that will be a future blog. They strolled around and joined in some EVP sessions. The group for the first part split into three groups: the Phsychics went with Wendy and Jenn who explored the hallways, Steven, Jared and Jordan conducted an EVP session in the lower hall, while myself and Brad explored upstairs. For the most part it was a very quiet night with little activity on my side. The only things worth noting was the strange illumination of a hallway and the final rod test.


In a previous blog I mentioned the rods so I wont retouch that happening, but the light was interesting. Brad and I were upstairs in what they use today as a wedding reception hall. We were joined by Tracey and Janel and had begun to do a sweep of the rooms. It’s hard to describe the layout but I will give it a shot. The room we were in was located on the very south side of the building and had windows overlooking the museum’s trains outside on both the south and west side. On the east side of the room was a corridor that could be accessed through several frosted glass doors. The corridor ran parallel with the room and had offices on the other side. (It was in one of these rooms that Tracey and Janel were located.) On the north side of the room was the entrance that led out to a L shape corridor that strayed of to the east and connected the remaining part of the building. It was there that we saw the light. The best way to describe the light was that it was as though someone with a flashlight was walking down the corridor towards us. Both Brad and I quickly reacted. Brad headed straight for the source to see if another team was down there. The answer of course was no (we really need walkie talkies..) I headed to find Tracey and Janel to see if it was them shining a light. Unfortunately nature had called and they were both in the ladies, so it will go down to unexplained and very cool.


Today I will review my EVP recordings and hope I can give validation to things we heard. As for me, it was a neat night out. Nothing too much to say, not as active for me as Utah county Jail, but in its own way good.
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