Thanksgiving Ghost

Okay, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m going to be lazy! Instead of writing a blog on my views into the paranormal, I thought I’d change it up a bit. Here are two Thanksgiving Ghost stories that I pulled from the web. Hope you enjoy!


This past Thanksgiving, I went with my family to stay over at my aunt and uncle’s home in Connecticut (we live in Massachusetts). I stayed in my uncle’s study, where I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. My uncle loves to collect various objects from all over, some of which are very old. Many of his more intriguing objects can be found in the study where I was sleeping. 
The first night was relatively uneventful. I woke up once, but did not check the clock. Waking up in the night is not unusual for me, so I paid it no mind. I was slightly anxious when I was lying awake in there, which was unusual, but I just figured I was being unreasonable. 
The second night, though, was when things got interesting. I woke up in the night, and found myself more awake than usual for when I wake up in the night. This time I checked the time on my phone. I assumed, since I felt so awake, that it was maybe 5:30 or even 6:00, as it can stay dark in that room until as late as 7:00. To my surprise, the time was 2:58 am. A few moments later, bright white flashes became visible on the ceiling. They were very large, and were in almost star like formations. They seemed like they would have a centre orb of light, but I did not see their centres, since I was too afraid to look at them head-on. Just then, a very clear female voice spoke, almost from the back of my head. She said “Good thing you’re too tired to realize what this really is.” I then felt a bolt of primeval fear and a sense that something supernatural was going on. I thought I may have sleep paralysis (I was very awake and thinking clearly, but I was scared) but I found myself able to move normally. I then shut my eyes but could feel that the flashes were still happening. 
The next morning, I searched the room for an electronic device that would flash like that. I found none. I then asked my uncle if there was anything that could do that, and he said no. 


A few years ago I was at my parents’ home for a family dinner on Thanksgiving Day. This is the house I grew up in, and have never experienced anything paranormal. What happened to me this day was very surprising, and still bothers me to this day.
I spent the early part of the day helping my mother in the kitchen preparing dinner. We were laughing and talking and looking forward to sitting down to eat with the whole family. While making pumpkin pies my mother needed a break from the heat of the kitchen and went into the living room to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I stayed in the kitchen and continued to work.
While making the pies, I needed to go to the pantry to get some ingredients. The pantry is located down a short hallway connecting the kitchen with the back of the house. I grabbed the items I needed and headed back to the kitchen. I was almost back to the kitchen when I remembered that I forgot to grab something and quickly pivoted around to head back to the pantry. To my shock there was a man standing near the area I just was. It must have been 2-3 seconds (even though it felt like forever) and then he was gone. I have never seen this man before, but I can remember he was wearing overalls and a hat. The most disturbing thing for me was it seemed as though he reacted to me. It was like he was either shocked that I saw him or he was shocked to see me. 
After seeing this man I decided not to tell my mother or father. It wasn’t until months later I finally felt comfortable enough to tell my mom about it. She was interested but said she never had anything unusual happen to her in the 35 years she lived in the house. I know what I saw. I know he was there. My question is why? Who is he? Why did I see him? 
In my 28 years of living and now visiting my childhood home. I have so many great memories. But the 2-3 seconds on that Thanksgiving Day seems to be burned into my mind more than anything else I have experienced in the house.
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