Dowsing Rods. Part 2

Earlier this month we explored dowsing rods for the first time as a group. As with every new piece of equipment we analyze every response or interaction we have with it. It is from there that we can determine its true effectiveness and whether we can truly rely on it as a good tool.


Now I would be lying if I was to tell you that I have not had fun with these cheap devices, but on are recent investigation we put the rods through a test and also learnt a valuable piece of knowledge. So I will basically run you through ideas that we have and how we tested them out.


What are Dowsing rods?
In a previous blog I ran through the history of the rods and what they are used for. You can read it here For a brief synopsis, dowsing rods are made of copper and shaped like the letter L. The rods are believed to be a great tool for communicating with spirits as well as finding water and other earthly components. The spirit can move the rods using the energy of the holder to answer a series of questions. Crossing the two straight pointing rods in an “X” for Yes and opening them apart like a “Y” for No as a way to answer question posed by the team.


The Idea and the Test
We noticed halfway through the investigation that a known theory might be indeed true. The theory is that the rods are actually not communicating with a spirit, but are indeed being manipulated with a type of telekinesis. It’s believed that it is the holders thoughts that move the rods rather than a spirit. It is well documented that the body contains channels of energy, which is quite possibly the mover of the rods.
What pushed us to this theory that it might be self-induced was that for some members the rods moved quite quickly to respond for some team members, while it was sluggish for others. When I would ask a question, the response was fast. Now I claim that I had no thought of the answer, but did my subconscious put that response there? So is it a subconscious response transfered to the rods or spirits? We are not sure.
Jared asked some personal question about his mom who is deceased and the responses were accurate to a degree that could not be generated by myself as I did not know the answers.
Our next investigation we will conduct a very basic test. It will have the holder of the rods put on a set of noise canceling headphones and have music playing so they cannot hear the questions. Also, the holder will be blindfolded so they can not see the who is asking. That way we can prove if this theory is indeed true. While there are factors which might involve the asker rather than the rod holder being the cause of the rods to move, this will have to happen in another future experiment.


Who was holding the Rods?
I wont lie, this made me quite nervous, which if you know me is saying a lot as I have no fear in the paranormal.
We were on the lower floor in the auditorium of the Union Station. Brad,Wendy, Jenn and myself had just finished an EVP session upstairs and had now joined up with the rest of the group. Our spirits were high and everyone was in a good mood. When we entered the hall to join up with the group we found them in what seemed a very friendly dowsing rod test with a spirit named Rose. (Tracey the Psychic had stated her name earlier) and Rose had attached herself to team member Steven, according to him, and had supposedly followed him the entire investigation. The rods where in full swing and were answering every question. Here’s where it gets interesting. In the Old county Jail we had got responses to where is Jenn in the room? and how many fingers am I holding up behind my back? to a degree that it was not chance. So I asked how many fingers? I held 3, it said 7. Okay, maybe she couldn’t count or maybe she couldn’t see. So I placed a bottle down, where is the bottle? It pointed in the wrong direction. Now Im doubting, so we try the personal test. Is Jared’s mom here? The rods cross for “yes.” Can Jared’s mom use the rods to communicate with us? The rods cross “yes” once again. Steven hands the rods over to me and I get ready. Let’s test it Jared explains. He asks a series of questions, all personal that only he and his brother would know. The first question it gets correct. The second and third correct. The fourth wrong. Jared immediately calls out “you’re not my mom” and gets a little heated at the entity moving the rods. The rods split apart which often signals the end of the the questions. Then it happened. Jared says something along the line of, see he knows that I know it’s not my mom and is scared now. Not more than two seconds later the rods shake to such a degree that it shakes my entire arm. It pulsed like this for about 10 to 20 seconds and I couldn’t let go! As soon as they stop pulsing energy into my hands I drop the rods and the room turns VERY dark and heavy. A bottle sitting next to Jared then began to shake..  and that’s when we decided we were done for the night.
It sounds like that of a Ouija Board experience, maybe the rods work the same way. The crazy part is we do not know who is on the other end, who was holding or moving the rods. The experience put us in check. Just because we get a response doesn’t always mean that the place maybe haunted, it cold be that they might have just come in with us. As for who we are speaking to, beware what it says. I would be skeptical about everything they say, for you do not know who or what you are talking to!
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  1. Wendy Davis says:

    This is very true. It shook me to the core, and had us saying a Prayer as a group before we left!

    The whole night was wonderful, non threatening and very uplifting…until the very end….boo hiss…

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