The Union Station.

Oh it’s close! I’ve begun to count down the hours! We are nine hours away and I am not the only one! Wendy just posted on Facebook the same thing. Oh sorry, I forgot to say what we are counting down for! Well, it’s the teams third official investigation and this time at the highly regarded Union Station in Ogden. It’s crazy we have now been in all the biggest cities: Salt Lake with Fort Douglas, Provo with The Old County Jail and now Ogden.
The Union Station sounds great as well. Two members of the team, Jared and Steven, actually visited the station recently on a special event called Night at the Museum for a fundraiser for Halloween. It was conducted by another paranormal team PITU who led them on a tour and showed them some hotspots. The only drawback, they said, was the limited time factor of 45 minutes. However, they did get some evps (which I have yet to listen to) so they are pumped for the investigation. I myself can’t wait either but understand that it is a different animal than that of the jail.
The Union Station is the third of its kind on the site. The first was built in 1869 with donated money from then L.D.S Prophet Brigham Young. But the building did not last very long. From the very start the two story wood frame building was very poor in design and after bad articles from the local papers the building was rebuilt with stone in 1889. There it remained until 1923 until it suffered major fire damage. Apparently the cause was from an unattended iron that was left on. However it did leave the lower floor somewhat intact and it was not until a large stone of the deteriorating clock tower fell and killed a railway clerk that the building was demolished and rebuilt to what the building is now. In 1924 the building was open back to the public and remained a station until the late 70’s when Amtrak took over and the building was leased back to the city to what it is today: a museum.
Over the years the station has been visited by all walks of life and was a stop for many “A-list” hollywood stars back in the day when riding trains was considered the high life. It also was involved in one of Utah’s most tragic events, what is know as the Bagley Trai Disaster. December 31st 1944, a mail train plowed into the back of passenger train killing 48 and injuring 79. The trains which on most occasions were joined as one were seperated by a gap of 20 minutes when they left the city of Chicago. The passenger train left first with the mail train following. Due to fog in Ogden, the lead train (passenger) reduced its speed, and unfortunately the mail train behind was not made aware and continued at full speed until it was late. The bodies were transfered to the Ogden Station and the station was used as a temporary morgue until the bodies were identified and shipped to loved ones for burial. It is for this reason that some claim the station is haunted. But there are other reports of children and a woman who for some reason only speaks with men.
With all this history I can say I am very excited and can not wait. I look forward to letting you know what I find. Thanks for reading.
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