Craigslist is a wonderful thing! For those of you interested in joining us on an investigation, the one thing we recommend is that you own your own digital recorder. Wendy, who is currently in the process of becoming an official investigator with us just scored a real good deal on one. Thanks to Craigslist of course!
A digital recorder is a must. We have several uses for it and has been the most fruit baring piece of equipment for validating a host of activity from bangs, to voices and even confirming responses or interaction spirits have with Tracey the Medium we’ve been experimenting with. Even if you’re a skeptic of mediums, the other proof has become a great foundation for our team. Jared, one of our lead investigators has by far the most trained ear. I laugh as I type as I often give him a hard time when reviewing his evidence. He will show me a very good clear EVP but I will say “sorry man I cant hear it!” Eventually I will give in and let it be known that I heard it all along, but I believe it’s this camaraderie that we have as a team that makes us very unique. We question everything and by doing so we get to then question ourselves which in turn either discredits our findings or validates the capture to such a degree that we can then submit it as proof.


Now what is an EVP?
Well if you’ve ever watched an episode of Ghost Hunters I’m sure you know because they introduce it on every episode. Now it’s to such a degree as I find myself shouting at the TV saying “I know it already, just play the bloody clip!” But for those of you that are new to what EVP is, it stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Simply put, it is a voice or sound that is unexplained that most often was not heard at the time of recording. There are the odd times when I have heard voices or footsteps in an investigation that have been confirmed by my recorder, however most of my EVPs I have captured have left me excited when listening back to them as I had no clue at that time that something or someone was with me.


How do we capture EVPs?
We capture them obviously with our recorders either with a digital or cassette. But it is the way in which we capture them that makes it very interesting. Most of the time are lead investigators will have three Recorders each.
One is planted.
This recorder is planted in a room with suspected high activity or in a place that has been reported to have sightings or noise. (In the old county Jail i had left one in a cell that was reportedly full of spirits according to our Psychic)
One is left running non stop.
This recorder stays with us and will roll for the entire investigation. Over the last few investigations I have noticed this to be the most active, as spirits seem to talk when we are in normal conversation with one another.
The last is used for EVP sessions.
This recorder is synced with other recorders before we conduct an EVP session. An EVP session consists of series of questions directed to the spirits or entities. Questions such as: “Is there someone with us?” “Are you alone?” and “What is your name?” So far I have personally and little success with these sessions but other members have found them to be very rewarding. It is also one of the biggest parts of any investigation that we do.


Some groups post very little of their EVPs, why this is, I do not know. Some members of our team wonder if they just don’t capture anything but I find it very hard to believe as we have had some remarkable captures in very few locations. Personally, EVP was a big reason I got more into paranormal investigating and what helped turn a hobby into what it is today.
I was in Asylum 49 in Tooele (I will write a blog on that someday) and while we were setting up I heard a very distinct female voice saying “They can’t hear and they can’t even see us.” It threw me through a loop and I was hooked!


We will have some EVPs on our website very shortly with good descriptions and a detailed report like nothing you’ve seen before on other sites. It might sound cocky but we will be the best group out there. So to you, I say good night and thanks for reading!
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