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Are Psychics real? Part 2

This blog requires a deep breath on my part. The team is basically a group of two sets of friends/co-workers, That joined together to make one team. There is Jared and his brother Jordan and friend Steven. Then there’s Brad and his wife Ashley who are in turn friends with me, and then my co-worker […]

The Movies

How close can movies come?  I remember a long time ago one Halloween a show came on TV simply named Ghost Watch. I was ten years old and needless to say I still remember that show today. It was a complete one-off Halloween special and headlining the show was TV presenter Sarah Greene. The show was set up very […]

Can a Ghost Follow Me Home

Can a Ghost or Spirit follow you home? I get asked this a lot with guest investigators. Some investigations can leave you a little unsettled, and nothing is more unnerving than an unexplained paranormal event. Just think about it for a moment… If you were to see an object move by itself or see a apparition […]

The Union Station. The Day After.

It was cold outside, very cold, and it was close to Thanksgiving so I thought I’d better be thankful. I was thankful that I was going to be inside for this investigation, and I was thankful that the heat would be on inside. I was also thankful for the Ogden Union Station administration for allowing […]

Thanksgiving Ghost

Okay, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m going to be lazy! Instead of writing a blog on my views into the paranormal, I thought I’d change it up a bit. Here are two Thanksgiving Ghost stories that I pulled from the web. Hope you enjoy!   This past Thanksgiving, I went with my family to stay over […]

Dowsing Rods. Part 2

Earlier this month we explored dowsing rods for the first time as a group. As with every new piece of equipment we analyze every response or interaction we have with it. It is from there that we can determine its true effectiveness and whether we can truly rely on it as a good tool.   […]

The Union Station.

Oh it’s close! I’ve begun to count down the hours! We are nine hours away and I am not the only one! Wendy just posted on Facebook the same thing. Oh sorry, I forgot to say what we are counting down for! Well, it’s the teams third official investigation and this time at the highly […]

Paranormal News Week 4 November 20th – 27th

keep running into these stories and I swear you can’t make this up. Ghost Gropes Granny If you thought that Ohio had cornered the market on aggressively sexual ghosts, you were wrong (as always!): Over in England, 73-year-old Doris Birch says she’s had trouble going to sleep over these past four months because of the […]

Meet The Team- Brad

I had the opportunity to sit down with team member Brad and ask some questions. How old are you and when where you born? I am 25 years old, born in Fort Collins, Colorado Have you lived here in utah all your life? Yes What do you do for work? I am an IT analyst (software […]


Craigslist is a wonderful thing! For those of you interested in joining us on an investigation, the one thing we recommend is that you own your own digital recorder. Wendy, who is currently in the process of becoming an official investigator with us just scored a real good deal on one. Thanks to Craigslist of […]