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Can a Ghost Follow Me Home

Can a Ghost or Spirit follow you home? I get asked this a lot with guest investigators. Some investigations can leave you a little unsettled, and nothing is more unnerving than an unexplained paranormal event. Just think about it for a moment… If you were to see an object move by itself or see a apparition […]


Craigslist is a wonderful thing! For those of you interested in joining us on an investigation, the one thing we recommend is that you own your own digital recorder. Wendy, who is currently in the process of becoming an official investigator with us just scored a real good deal on one. Thanks to Craigslist of […]

What is a Ghost?

What is a Ghost?   Yesterday I tackled the question of what am I. Today I will hopefully delve into what my thoughts are on the object I look to gain proof of, that of course being a ghost.   So, what is a Ghost? Sounds straight forward and simple to answer right? Well actually […]

Orbs, Fact or Faked?

At long last I get to spill my feelings on a very interesting subject. One that has been in heated debate now for some years. That being the question of orbs, and are they truly paranormal? Recently the team posted a photo taken by lead investigator Brad of a photo filled with orbs. Some of […]