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Contemplating the Ouija Board

  If you ever wanted to freak someone out or make them feel uncomfortable around you all you need to do is tell them that you use or have used a Ouija board. The stigma associated with this little rectangular board is astonishing. People are so afraid of this item that you would think it […]

Dowsing Rods. Part 2

Earlier this month we explored dowsing rods for the first time as a group. As with every new piece of equipment we analyze every response or interaction we have with it. It is from there that we can determine its true effectiveness and whether we can truly rely on it as a good tool.   […]

Dowsing Rods.

I can only imagine it’s early hours in the Nebeker residence and there’s a knock on the door. Half asleep, Brad stumbles down the stairs and opens the door to behold a UPS man with a package in his hands. “Parcel for a Mr. B. Nebeker” he says in a gruff tone. Brad looks down […]