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The Union Station. The Day After.

It was cold outside, very cold, and it was close to Thanksgiving so I thought I’d better be thankful. I was thankful that I was going to be inside for this investigation, and I was thankful that the heat would be on inside. I was also thankful for the Ogden Union Station administration for allowing […]

The Union Station.

Oh it’s close! I’ve begun to count down the hours! We are nine hours away and I am not the only one! Wendy just posted on Facebook the same thing. Oh sorry, I forgot to say what we are counting down for! Well, it’s the teams third official investigation and this time at the highly […]

The Old County Jail. The Day After.

The clock was ticking down. The group had arrived in its final area for the night. What we can only hazard to guess, was that the room we were in was likely the daycare for staff or visiting families. In my hands were the pair of newly purchased dowsing rods. It was a simple test, […]

The Old County Jail

It’s just around the corner! I can feel the excitement already rushing through my veins. Jared again has lined up what will be the group’s second investigation. This time it’s the very creepy and highly recommended Old Utah County Jail. A few days have passed now since our investigation was arranged for the  abandoned Utah […]