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Paranormal News Week 4 November 20th – 27th

keep running into these stories and I swear you can’t make this up. Ghost Gropes Granny If you thought that Ohio had cornered the market on aggressively sexual ghosts, you were wrong (as always!): Over in England, 73-year-old Doris Birch says she’s had trouble going to sleep over these past four months because of the […]

Paranormal News Week 3 November 13th to 19th

This story comes out of Rankin County Mississippi and comes with a gem of a video! RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. — Imagine being too afraid to stay in your own home because you believe it’s haunted. “Alice” said she’s been losing sleep for years because of ghosts. “It’s like the whole room lights up and glows, […]

Paranormal News week 2 November 6th to 12th

First, I’d like to thank our fan Molly for sending me this story of the week. You could not make this up even if you tried. Now I believe fully in Ghosts! No surprise there, but this story pushes the boundaries a little bit, even for me! It comes all the way from Ohio and […]

Paranormal News Week 1 Oct 31st-Nov 5th

Coming all the way from El Paso comes this interesting story! A paranormal study indicates there’s a ghost lurking in El Paso County Courthouse! The study was conducted at the El Paso County Courthouse and presented to the Commissioners Court Monday morning. On the video, voices and banging were heard, and shadows can be seen seen that the investigation group Ghost-EP claims […]