Contemplating the Ouija Board


If you ever wanted to freak someone out or make them feel uncomfortable around you all you need to do is tell them that you use or have used a Ouija board. The stigma associated with this little rectangular board is astonishing. People are so afraid of this item that you would think it came straight from the fires of hell, crafted by the devil himself, designed to steal your soul. Come on people, can a piece of cardboard with the alphabet written on it really be that bad? Well I say if we have the right to bare arms we have the right to Ouija! (lets pass that into law congress). Now I’m just kidding but maybe Ouija boards aren’t as evil as its perception would have us believe. An internet connection and a few, okay several, clicks later and I had all the information I needed. Lucky for you I’m willing to share.

A Ouija board is a rectangular board  inscribed with the letters of the alphabet, the words “yes” ,“no” and “goodbye”.  In order to communicate with the dead the user(s) hold on to a planchette and ask questions to the spirits. The spirits will then use the player(s) energy to control the planchette in order to  move it across the board stopping on letters to spell out their response to questions.

Some would say that the Ouija board is just another paranormal tool and can be compared to a KII meter or Spirit Box. I would say it relates more to dowsing rods as there is a human factor involved. The roots of the Ouija board can be dated back to approx 1368-1644 CE during the Ming dynasty when people practiced what was called Fuji (pronounced  fu chi). Even during that time it was controversial and was eventually outlawed during the Qing dynasty. The Ouija board as we know it can be dated back to 1890 when Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard filed for the patent( U.S. Patent 446,054). Eventually William Fuld took over the patent and eventually sold it to Parker Brothers, which was sold to Hasbro in 1991.

The Ouija board didn’t always have such a dark stigma attached to it. In fact the Ouija board can be found in one of Norman Rockwell light-hearted paintings titled Ouija Board. It wasn’t until the infamous film Exorcist  that things took a turn for the worst. Since then it was a downward spiral of fear that lead us to where we are today.

Norman Rockwell’s Ouija Board

Now you may have gotten the impression that I am an advocate of using the Ouija board. But that isn’t necessarily the case. I would never bring a Ouija board to an investigation mainly due to the stigma that is associated with it but also because of its unreliability. In today’s paranormal world I have the luxury of working with more reliable tools that produce better evidence. One of the problems with using a Ouija board is that you can never be sure who or what you are communicating with. But isn’t that true about all paranormal devices? You can never be completely sure who you are talking with unless, perhaps, you’re psychic.

I think it all boils down to the fact that a Ouija board is a tool and a tool is only as good as its user(s). Those that don’t know how to use it properly are more prone to having a bad experience. Before you start using a Ouija board make sure to do your homework so you know what you are getting yourself into. Know the pros and cons and see if using a Ouija board is right for you.

special thanks to Darkness Radio who spark my interest in this matter. Make sure to check them out live if you live in the Minnesota area or via podcast here


Are Psychics real? Part 2

This blog requires a deep breath on my part. The team is basically a group of two sets of friends/co-workers, That joined together to make one team. There is Jared and his brother Jordan and friend Steven. Then there’s Brad and his wife Ashley who are in turn friends with me, and then my co-worker Wendy and her daughter Jenn. What makes this fun is that we have a lot of different views and I mean a lot.
We have Jared, a return LDS missionary who no longer practices and has now developed a complete different stance on religion and life after death.
We have Jordan, fresh off an LDS mission and still very much active in that belief.
Then there’s Ashley and Brad with no real set belief. Brad’s the type of “I need to see it to believe it.”
Wendy and Jenn would describe themselves as Christian. Wendy more so.
Myself, I have a belief that all faiths are true to a certain degree,
and last of all Steven is also an open minded individual who was raised LDS but views religion as I do.
What this enables us to do is bring a host of ideas to the table which brings me to my blog. Jared, who I have only known for 3-4 months, shares the same passion I do for the paranormal. He’s a good guy and we get along with each other great. (again it makes the team stronger if you could see yourself hanging out with other members away from the team) Now Jared and I share a lot of the same ideas but we are drastically different on others. There is one though that has us both confused and has resulted in many long conversations. Is Tracey truly talking to the dead? Which in turn leads us to the question of whether or not people can really talk to the dead? I will break it down for you why I am so confused.
One theory: Yes She Can Talk to the Dead.
I was told to always look at the glass half full and so I will start with what she claims. She believes fully in her abilities and people believe in her. She is currently one of the most recognized psychic mediums in the valley. Now I am not a believer in Tarot cards nor will I be as I don’t believe in destiny or a pre written future. To my beliefs it would make life here pointless if it was all set in stone. However, Jared does and along with many native Utahns that go to Tracey to learn how to read cards and to have their fortunes read.
Jared told me of a story that is very cool to him. One time when he was getting his cards read, Tracey told him that his wife Pinja would be heading off on a trip alone in November, at the time it was March. Jared was very doubtful about the trip. First, why wouldnt he go? Second, what kind of trip would Pinja have to go on? There was no way would he pay for her to go on a trip by herself just to voluntarily make Tracey right. He could prove her and Tarot cards wrong.
That was not to be the case he later found out that his brother-in-law (that was 35 years old) would be getting married during a big final exam in November, and so it was Pinja who went alone to the wedding. If you are a believer in Tarot cards, then by all means she can nail it! But I want some hard proof which takes us to the EVPs. She has nailed some names and also what is being said. One example comes from a seance conducted by Tracey that Jared and Brad attended. She says something along the lines of she a singer. On Jared’s recorder you hear a distinct female voice saying “I love to sing.” The EVP is clear and the whole team have vouched for it. So surely that cant be chance right?
Second Theory: No She Can’t Talk to the Dead.
This is why I need to take a deep breath. I so badly need hard proof and every time a chance pops up, she just cant nail the hard facts that can be checked on. During the Seance she gets a death of a Roswell witness wrong, although Jessie Marcel claims that the way he died is not how they published it.. a bit convenient to make it an open-ended answer. (Jared is a UFO nut as well) In the Union station, Brad and myself put her to the test as well. A mayor was apparently in the room but we couldn’t get a name, which is easily identifiable through history searching, but for other non-searchable names Tracey easily could tell us. She also stated of a man named Warren James who had a wife and kids then ten minutes later had no family. Also her responses are very generic and often lead the group to hear what she wants them to hear. So does this mean she’s a fraud?


I have no idea. I cant yet lean one way or the other. Which brings up the idea of tests and here’s my thoughts for one extreme test.
Step 1
Send Tracey in with one investigator who writes down all that is being said as well as have a digital recorder going. They will not disclose any information with the rest of team for the entire investigation or till all evidence is reviewed. (That way it does not contaminate the reviewing process of the voice recordings)
Step 2
Send Two members in with the famous Ghost Box! (Recently purchased by Brad) And ask to speak directly to the spirits who communicated with Tracey. Also have a voice recorder going. Although this method is a bit out there, any sort of consistency would be good evidence of her abilities, while inconsistencies really can’t prove for or against her, as we are not sure if the person talking in the spirit box etc is the same person who talked to Tracey.
Step 3
Send two members in with the dowsing rods and a hand held camera again ask to speak to the same entity and have a voice recorder going at the same time.
Step 4
The last and final, send in a team for an evp session.
Should any team validate what she said then I am a believer. If not then I have no idea how else to find out. What are your thoughts?

The Movies

How close can movies come? 
I remember a long time ago one Halloween a show came on TV simply named Ghost Watch. I was ten years old and needless to say I still remember that show today. It was a complete one-off Halloween special and headlining the show was TV presenter Sarah Greene. The show was set up very well. Sarah went to this house in Northern London where a family where experiencing paranormal/poltergeist activity. There in the house, was a Dad, Mom, two girls, and of course a baby. It was very similar to what we see today in Ghost Hunters but at the time no one had seen anything quite like it, it was unique. The show was a 2 hour special and was filmed live (or so we were led to believe). It would switch from the house to the TV studio where you could call to report unexplained events that Sarah might have missed. The story or back history of the house was that a psychologically disturbed man called Raymond Tunstall used to live there. During the show he was nicknamed as “Pipes” as he rattles the pipes. What made this so fun was that as the show went on longer Pipes began to get more powerful and began to manifest itself to the worst degree. The story says that he was a child molester and instead of going to prison for a crime he committed he hung himself in the basement. Unfortunately for Pipes he had locked the basement door, trapping himself with his cats. Police reportedly found his body half eaten surrounded by his now deceased cats who rear their ugly little heads during the show. The show was fantastic! It scared the holy crap out of me! The girls got scratched, there was ghost sightings, disfigured voices, and the finale was amazing. Sarah was hearing a cat cry coming from the basement, so she ventured in with a cameraman in tow, but before he steps on the first step the door slams shut and you here Sarah scream. THE END. The next day it was all over the news! Over 30,000 people called in to the BBC switchboard and newspapers scrambled to find out if Sarah had died. At the time, she was like the Ryan Secrest of today. But low and behold it was a hoax, and a bloody good one! So much so that it got banned for ten years in England.


So why do I mention this? Because it’s just a movie, nothing more. Often people come with us expecting a spirit to just jump out or to have something crazy happen, but the truth is, probably around 95% of the time nothing really does happen during an investigation. It’s not until we listen back to voice recordings or sharing experiences that you really get the full effect. So if you’re following with us, remember one thing: movies are nowhere near close to reality. They would be pretty boring if they were!

Can a Ghost Follow Me Home

Can a Ghost or Spirit follow you home? I get asked this a lot with guest investigators. Some investigations can leave you a little unsettled, and nothing is more unnerving than an unexplained paranormal event. Just think about it for a moment… If you were to see an object move by itself or see a apparition that vanished as soon as it appeared, how would you feel? As humans, I speak for most in that I believe there is a general insecurity of the unknown. We like to have answers, and I think its for that reason that we are the dominant creature on the earth. So when something makes no sense, it freaks us out a little. Now imagine it follows you home. Our home is often our sanctuary. Its a place where everything makes sense, its are part of our world of safety and trust. Suddenly, something is here that’s not part of this safe world of ours. It will rattle the most hardened investigator. Imagine if lions followed you home from the zoo! Ghosts of course are nowhere near as dangerous, but it’s still a frightening thought!
So can a ghost follow you home? Yes, yes it can. Will it follow you home? Most likely not. In my opinion, 99.99% of the time it wont. (I started to chuckle as now I’m just tempting fate) But the way I see it this just wont happen and here’s why:


Now here is that word again and I will put it in caps so there’s no misreading.. I BELIEVE, that spirits are just like you and I. We have our corners of the world we like to call home and they have theirs. As an example, not too long ago we had Thanksgiving. It was a great time! My wife, the cook of the family, slaved all day preparing a turkey with all the goods for us and her family. Yep, her mom and two brothers, mine are still in England. They came over and at the end of the day they left. Now here’s where I relate myself to that of a ghost or spirit. It was fun. I like my wife’s family, we even communicated similar to that of the investigation. However, when it was all said and done I didn’t want to go with them. I like my place too much! Now that’s family, what if they were strangers? I wouldn’t know what their place is like, or if there was a place to stay. I would also miss my family. I BELIEVE that it’s exactly the same for spirits. They are here for a reason that I do not know, but they chose that spot because it means something to them, it has an attachment. Either that, or they’re stuck there for whatever reason.


So, with that said, I still acknowledge the existence of some that will follow people. I myself have had such, but that was entirely different and was most likely due to the influences in my life at that time rather than from a paranormal experience. Very religious happenings in that experience.


So, what do you do to prevent it or stop it from happening. This question to me is unknown. Some pray, some use the burning of sage or crystals. My theory is very different from all of that. It’s what I call respect. In every investigation I perform, I respect those that I’m there to communicate with. Its a principle that was engraved into me by my grandfather. Respect those who have passed or fallen as you would those who are still with us. At the end of each investigation I take a few quite moments and say the following “Thank you for allowing me here. Thank you for your time. I ask that you stay here and not follow me home.”


Though I am a God believer I do not feel the need to use higher powers of God or ask for him to keep them away, I reserve that for the “Others” which are a bit more dangerous than ghosts. The reason behind it is that I believe the results from EVP that I’ve gathered has indicated that they mean no harm and have not done anything that would warrant need for protection. It would be like someone coming to your house and before they leave calling the cops to make sure nothing happens. If that would happen to me I would be like “what the hell did I do?”


So wrapping up, should you be afraid? No not at all. Just have a little respect and they will in turn respect you. If you have a rare happening of being followed, just remember that YOU are supposed to be here and they are not. Your word has power without measure. Faith moves mountains, and by the word is expressed our faith.

The Union Station. The Day After.

It was cold outside, very cold, and it was close to Thanksgiving so I thought I’d better be thankful. I was thankful that I was going to be inside for this investigation, and I was thankful that the heat would be on inside. I was also thankful for the Ogden Union Station administration for allowing us to have an investigation at the museum.


We arrived early, not quite as early as planned, but a good 30 minutes before our allotted time. We would have arrived earlier but the traffic was terrible. I rode up with Wendy and Jenn who were now on their second full investigation with the team, while Brad brought up the rest of the crew Steven, Jared and Jordan. Tracey and Janel brought a guest Tim who came in their own car as well.
We were met at the door by Jerred the night caretaker who was extremely nice and polite and gave us a quick rundown of the place. Unfortunately the basement was off limits. Apparently it takes three visits to get to that stage with emphasis on good team behavior, so maybe late 2012 for that one.


The place is actually big and small at the same time. Overall the place is quite huge however the rooms are enormous so it makes the investigation very small. The building consisted of two floors, and what made it very unique was where the most activity takes place. The top floor on the far south side and the lower floor on the very north side. For us, it’s an investigators dream as we are able to split the group in two and investigate at the same time without the fear of contaminating each other’s EVP sessions or evidence. There is no way that noise could travel that far.


The night itself went fairly well. For the first hour or so we were joined by Tracey and Janel the two Psychics we’ve been experimenting with. Again, I’m very indifferent of whether they have a gift or not, but that will be a future blog. They strolled around and joined in some EVP sessions. The group for the first part split into three groups: the Phsychics went with Wendy and Jenn who explored the hallways, Steven, Jared and Jordan conducted an EVP session in the lower hall, while myself and Brad explored upstairs. For the most part it was a very quiet night with little activity on my side. The only things worth noting was the strange illumination of a hallway and the final rod test.


In a previous blog I mentioned the rods so I wont retouch that happening, but the light was interesting. Brad and I were upstairs in what they use today as a wedding reception hall. We were joined by Tracey and Janel and had begun to do a sweep of the rooms. It’s hard to describe the layout but I will give it a shot. The room we were in was located on the very south side of the building and had windows overlooking the museum’s trains outside on both the south and west side. On the east side of the room was a corridor that could be accessed through several frosted glass doors. The corridor ran parallel with the room and had offices on the other side. (It was in one of these rooms that Tracey and Janel were located.) On the north side of the room was the entrance that led out to a L shape corridor that strayed of to the east and connected the remaining part of the building. It was there that we saw the light. The best way to describe the light was that it was as though someone with a flashlight was walking down the corridor towards us. Both Brad and I quickly reacted. Brad headed straight for the source to see if another team was down there. The answer of course was no (we really need walkie talkies..) I headed to find Tracey and Janel to see if it was them shining a light. Unfortunately nature had called and they were both in the ladies, so it will go down to unexplained and very cool.


Today I will review my EVP recordings and hope I can give validation to things we heard. As for me, it was a neat night out. Nothing too much to say, not as active for me as Utah county Jail, but in its own way good.

Thanksgiving Ghost

Okay, it’s Thanksgiving and I’m going to be lazy! Instead of writing a blog on my views into the paranormal, I thought I’d change it up a bit. Here are two Thanksgiving Ghost stories that I pulled from the web. Hope you enjoy!


This past Thanksgiving, I went with my family to stay over at my aunt and uncle’s home in Connecticut (we live in Massachusetts). I stayed in my uncle’s study, where I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. My uncle loves to collect various objects from all over, some of which are very old. Many of his more intriguing objects can be found in the study where I was sleeping. 
The first night was relatively uneventful. I woke up once, but did not check the clock. Waking up in the night is not unusual for me, so I paid it no mind. I was slightly anxious when I was lying awake in there, which was unusual, but I just figured I was being unreasonable. 
The second night, though, was when things got interesting. I woke up in the night, and found myself more awake than usual for when I wake up in the night. This time I checked the time on my phone. I assumed, since I felt so awake, that it was maybe 5:30 or even 6:00, as it can stay dark in that room until as late as 7:00. To my surprise, the time was 2:58 am. A few moments later, bright white flashes became visible on the ceiling. They were very large, and were in almost star like formations. They seemed like they would have a centre orb of light, but I did not see their centres, since I was too afraid to look at them head-on. Just then, a very clear female voice spoke, almost from the back of my head. She said “Good thing you’re too tired to realize what this really is.” I then felt a bolt of primeval fear and a sense that something supernatural was going on. I thought I may have sleep paralysis (I was very awake and thinking clearly, but I was scared) but I found myself able to move normally. I then shut my eyes but could feel that the flashes were still happening. 
The next morning, I searched the room for an electronic device that would flash like that. I found none. I then asked my uncle if there was anything that could do that, and he said no. 


A few years ago I was at my parents’ home for a family dinner on Thanksgiving Day. This is the house I grew up in, and have never experienced anything paranormal. What happened to me this day was very surprising, and still bothers me to this day.
I spent the early part of the day helping my mother in the kitchen preparing dinner. We were laughing and talking and looking forward to sitting down to eat with the whole family. While making pumpkin pies my mother needed a break from the heat of the kitchen and went into the living room to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I stayed in the kitchen and continued to work.
While making the pies, I needed to go to the pantry to get some ingredients. The pantry is located down a short hallway connecting the kitchen with the back of the house. I grabbed the items I needed and headed back to the kitchen. I was almost back to the kitchen when I remembered that I forgot to grab something and quickly pivoted around to head back to the pantry. To my shock there was a man standing near the area I just was. It must have been 2-3 seconds (even though it felt like forever) and then he was gone. I have never seen this man before, but I can remember he was wearing overalls and a hat. The most disturbing thing for me was it seemed as though he reacted to me. It was like he was either shocked that I saw him or he was shocked to see me. 
After seeing this man I decided not to tell my mother or father. It wasn’t until months later I finally felt comfortable enough to tell my mom about it. She was interested but said she never had anything unusual happen to her in the 35 years she lived in the house. I know what I saw. I know he was there. My question is why? Who is he? Why did I see him? 
In my 28 years of living and now visiting my childhood home. I have so many great memories. But the 2-3 seconds on that Thanksgiving Day seems to be burned into my mind more than anything else I have experienced in the house.

Dowsing Rods. Part 2

Earlier this month we explored dowsing rods for the first time as a group. As with every new piece of equipment we analyze every response or interaction we have with it. It is from there that we can determine its true effectiveness and whether we can truly rely on it as a good tool.


Now I would be lying if I was to tell you that I have not had fun with these cheap devices, but on are recent investigation we put the rods through a test and also learnt a valuable piece of knowledge. So I will basically run you through ideas that we have and how we tested them out.


What are Dowsing rods?
In a previous blog I ran through the history of the rods and what they are used for. You can read it here For a brief synopsis, dowsing rods are made of copper and shaped like the letter L. The rods are believed to be a great tool for communicating with spirits as well as finding water and other earthly components. The spirit can move the rods using the energy of the holder to answer a series of questions. Crossing the two straight pointing rods in an “X” for Yes and opening them apart like a “Y” for No as a way to answer question posed by the team.


The Idea and the Test
We noticed halfway through the investigation that a known theory might be indeed true. The theory is that the rods are actually not communicating with a spirit, but are indeed being manipulated with a type of telekinesis. It’s believed that it is the holders thoughts that move the rods rather than a spirit. It is well documented that the body contains channels of energy, which is quite possibly the mover of the rods.
What pushed us to this theory that it might be self-induced was that for some members the rods moved quite quickly to respond for some team members, while it was sluggish for others. When I would ask a question, the response was fast. Now I claim that I had no thought of the answer, but did my subconscious put that response there? So is it a subconscious response transfered to the rods or spirits? We are not sure.
Jared asked some personal question about his mom who is deceased and the responses were accurate to a degree that could not be generated by myself as I did not know the answers.
Our next investigation we will conduct a very basic test. It will have the holder of the rods put on a set of noise canceling headphones and have music playing so they cannot hear the questions. Also, the holder will be blindfolded so they can not see the who is asking. That way we can prove if this theory is indeed true. While there are factors which might involve the asker rather than the rod holder being the cause of the rods to move, this will have to happen in another future experiment.


Who was holding the Rods?
I wont lie, this made me quite nervous, which if you know me is saying a lot as I have no fear in the paranormal.
We were on the lower floor in the auditorium of the Union Station. Brad,Wendy, Jenn and myself had just finished an EVP session upstairs and had now joined up with the rest of the group. Our spirits were high and everyone was in a good mood. When we entered the hall to join up with the group we found them in what seemed a very friendly dowsing rod test with a spirit named Rose. (Tracey the Psychic had stated her name earlier) and Rose had attached herself to team member Steven, according to him, and had supposedly followed him the entire investigation. The rods where in full swing and were answering every question. Here’s where it gets interesting. In the Old county Jail we had got responses to where is Jenn in the room? and how many fingers am I holding up behind my back? to a degree that it was not chance. So I asked how many fingers? I held 3, it said 7. Okay, maybe she couldn’t count or maybe she couldn’t see. So I placed a bottle down, where is the bottle? It pointed in the wrong direction. Now Im doubting, so we try the personal test. Is Jared’s mom here? The rods cross for “yes.” Can Jared’s mom use the rods to communicate with us? The rods cross “yes” once again. Steven hands the rods over to me and I get ready. Let’s test it Jared explains. He asks a series of questions, all personal that only he and his brother would know. The first question it gets correct. The second and third correct. The fourth wrong. Jared immediately calls out “you’re not my mom” and gets a little heated at the entity moving the rods. The rods split apart which often signals the end of the the questions. Then it happened. Jared says something along the line of, see he knows that I know it’s not my mom and is scared now. Not more than two seconds later the rods shake to such a degree that it shakes my entire arm. It pulsed like this for about 10 to 20 seconds and I couldn’t let go! As soon as they stop pulsing energy into my hands I drop the rods and the room turns VERY dark and heavy. A bottle sitting next to Jared then began to shake..  and that’s when we decided we were done for the night.
It sounds like that of a Ouija Board experience, maybe the rods work the same way. The crazy part is we do not know who is on the other end, who was holding or moving the rods. The experience put us in check. Just because we get a response doesn’t always mean that the place maybe haunted, it cold be that they might have just come in with us. As for who we are speaking to, beware what it says. I would be skeptical about everything they say, for you do not know who or what you are talking to!

The Union Station.

Oh it’s close! I’ve begun to count down the hours! We are nine hours away and I am not the only one! Wendy just posted on Facebook the same thing. Oh sorry, I forgot to say what we are counting down for! Well, it’s the teams third official investigation and this time at the highly regarded Union Station in Ogden. It’s crazy we have now been in all the biggest cities: Salt Lake with Fort Douglas, Provo with The Old County Jail and now Ogden.
The Union Station sounds great as well. Two members of the team, Jared and Steven, actually visited the station recently on a special event called Night at the Museum for a fundraiser for Halloween. It was conducted by another paranormal team PITU who led them on a tour and showed them some hotspots. The only drawback, they said, was the limited time factor of 45 minutes. However, they did get some evps (which I have yet to listen to) so they are pumped for the investigation. I myself can’t wait either but understand that it is a different animal than that of the jail.
The Union Station is the third of its kind on the site. The first was built in 1869 with donated money from then L.D.S Prophet Brigham Young. But the building did not last very long. From the very start the two story wood frame building was very poor in design and after bad articles from the local papers the building was rebuilt with stone in 1889. There it remained until 1923 until it suffered major fire damage. Apparently the cause was from an unattended iron that was left on. However it did leave the lower floor somewhat intact and it was not until a large stone of the deteriorating clock tower fell and killed a railway clerk that the building was demolished and rebuilt to what the building is now. In 1924 the building was open back to the public and remained a station until the late 70’s when Amtrak took over and the building was leased back to the city to what it is today: a museum.
Over the years the station has been visited by all walks of life and was a stop for many “A-list” hollywood stars back in the day when riding trains was considered the high life. It also was involved in one of Utah’s most tragic events, what is know as the Bagley Trai Disaster. December 31st 1944, a mail train plowed into the back of passenger train killing 48 and injuring 79. The trains which on most occasions were joined as one were seperated by a gap of 20 minutes when they left the city of Chicago. The passenger train left first with the mail train following. Due to fog in Ogden, the lead train (passenger) reduced its speed, and unfortunately the mail train behind was not made aware and continued at full speed until it was late. The bodies were transfered to the Ogden Station and the station was used as a temporary morgue until the bodies were identified and shipped to loved ones for burial. It is for this reason that some claim the station is haunted. But there are other reports of children and a woman who for some reason only speaks with men.
With all this history I can say I am very excited and can not wait. I look forward to letting you know what I find. Thanks for reading.

Paranormal News Week 4 November 20th – 27th

keep running into these stories and I swear you can’t make this up.

Ghost Gropes Granny
If you thought that Ohio had cornered the market on aggressively sexual ghosts, you were wrong (as always!): Over in England, 73-year-old Doris Birch says she’s had trouble going to sleep over these past four months because of the ghost who gropes her all night long.
“It’s like an octopus,” she tells acclaimed poltergeist news source Daily Mail:
‘I kicked frantically and it went away.
‘I’ve tried sleeping without the duvet. But it started shaking my mattress.
‘I even threw the mattress off the bed and bought a new one but it has made no difference.
‘This is very creepy and is giving me the jitters. It’s harassing me.
‘I need to call in the Ghostbusters.’
Throwing the mattress away seems like a really dumb non-solution. Ghosts don’t care about the quality or brand of one’s bed—they care about haunting and taunting. She’s obviously undereducated about ghost culture and social mores.
A vicar swung by Birch’s house to inform her that the ghost is probably a “lost spirit,” but did nothing to drive it away. Maybe the husband-and-wife ghost-hunting team she’s hired will resolve the issue.


Haha I have heard it all now. Next I will hear of Ghost Aliens.

Meet The Team- Brad

I had the opportunity to sit down with team member Brad and ask some questions.

How old are you and when where you born?

I am 25 years old, born in Fort Collins, Colorado

Have you lived here in utah all your life?


What do you do for work?

I am an IT analyst (software engineer). 

Are you at college?

I will receive a bachelor’s degree in computer science in spring 2012

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include ghost hunting, paintball, programming, and video games.

Why do you go ghost hunting?

I use to be a huge skeptic, and never believed in things like spirits, the afterlife, and god. One day I decided instead of just denying that things existed (or don’t exist) I should try to find answers. I’m in a “self-discovery” phase in my life and ghost hunting is helping me find some answers.

How long have you been interested in ghosts?

I started going ghost hunting in 2011.

What is your most memorable experience in the paranormal?

The first time I went ghost hunting was at a public ghost hunt at the Asylum 49. Most of the night had no activity (my opinion). Towards the end of the night a staff member took my sister and I in the mirror maze and conducted a flashlight test. The test had great responses to our questions and I caught an EVP at that time too. Since that flashlight test I have yet seen a more definitive response from the afterlife using the flashlight method.

What do you hope to achieve in the group?

I have captured numerous EVPs but have yet to see a spirit face-to-face or be touched. I would love to have the experience of being scratched, pushed or see a spirit face-to-face.

If you could visit one haunted spot where and what would it be?

The haunted places that really attract my attention are the places that have a “darker energy”. I would be extremely excited to visit Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

What do you say to skeptics?

I use to be skeptic and I think that has helped my ability to investigate. The only thing I can say to a skeptic is to do some research and maybe they’ll be surprised by what they find. I’m not on a mission to prove to every skeptic that spirits are real and they have the ability to communicate with us, I’m on a personal mission to answer my own questions.

If you could only take one piece of equipment with you what would you take?

A digital recorder is light weight, easy-to-use and has been the single most responsive and consistent piece of equipment I have ever used.

What rule do you follow most by when doing an investigation?

Know what you want to accomplish at each investigation.

If you could pass along one tip to new investigators what would that tip be?

Choose to go on investigations with people you know and trust. Ghost hunting is great but being able to share those experiences with friends and loved ones is that much better.

Can you round us off with a cool experience or story you have?

My most recent personal experience was last night, 11/22/2011, during an investigation at the Ogden Union Station. I was investigating the upstairs area by myself while the rest of the group was downstairs. I felt chills while doing an EVP session in a hallway, which was unusually for me. I also heard a very clear male voice. After hearing the voice I got up and search the entire floor and verified that I was, in fact, the only investigator on the top floor!

Bradly Nebeker